Weekly News Magazines: Love Destiny, April, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, April 6-12, 2018
Main cover picture: The NCPO is an investigator of no “corruption”
[Refers to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO; the ruling junta). The junta has loudly proclaimed it will get rid of corruption in the country and that the supposedly impartial military is superior to elected politicians.
However, this headline, pasted over a photo of Deputy PM Prawit, ridicules the junta and its hypocrisy over corruption.
In a normal elected government, a minister with the scandals Prawit has endured would have had to leave his post long ago. However, as a top member of the armed forces that overthrew the last government and now holds power by force, Prawit cannot be removed from his post.
This issue has greatly impacted junta popularity.]

Top right: Nidhi Eoseewong. Talks about “Thai traditional dress” fever. “The perception of the nation is different.”
[Refers to famous Thai historian Nidhi Eoseewong who expressed his view on the trend of wearing Thai traditional dress influenced by the popular period soap opera Bupphaesannivas (Love Destiny). The trend seems to express a desire for the simpler aristocratic times of the past.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, April 6-12, 2018
Main cover reads: He established the Chakri dynasty. He protected a land of Siam. He developed and helped people to have better lives. He ruled the country with royal virtues.
[Refers to Chakri Memorial day on April 6. Chakri Day commemorates the establishment of the Chakri Dynasty by Phra Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke known as King Rama I (pictured) in 1782.]

From Manager Weekly, March 31-April 6, 2018
Main cover reads: Does Ao jao want to have an election?
[Refers to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha (pictured with the cast and production staff of the popular period soap opera Bupphaesannivas).
During a visit with the cast and production staff of the Bupphaesannivas at Government House, PM Prayuth asked them whether they want to have an election. Some said they want, but they understand and would follow the roadmap of the junta. The clip of their conversation was posted on social media and provoked much discussion from the public. “Ao jao” is an old-fashioned Thai pronoun/prefix for a person younger than the speaker. This pronoun become popular again due to the Bupphaesannivas drama.]

Top: An effort has never killed anyone who has. ‘Noey-Music BNK 48’ Center couple who are popular among Ota.
[Refers to center of famous girl group BNK48. Noey and Music (girls pictured). They are very popular among fan clubs. BNK48 is a sister-girl group of Japanese famous girl group AKB48. The word “ota” comes from the Japanese word “otaku” meaning a person who likes something very obsessively.]

Bottom left: Channel 7 in crisis. The champion loses. The city surrounded the forest and don’t have main attractive casts.
[Refers to an intense TV competition faced by Channel 7 which used to dominate ratings nationwide. Thanks to the popular period soap opera Bupphaesannivas (or “Love Destiny”), Channel 3 is now beating Channel 7.
“The city surrounded the forest” is a play on the communist strategy of the “forest surrounding the city” meaning to use the peasant power of the countryside to conquer the urban areas.
In the case of Channel 3, they used the popularity of their shows in Bangkok (“the city”) to encourage people outside (“the forest”) to watch the drama, mainly by blanketing the internet with social media posts about the show. The headline also notes Channel 7 are not running shows with well-known cast members either.]
Bottom right: Ending of the “carved out-forest residences” stops the conflict. “Uncle Pom” did a good thing for the first time.
[Refers to Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan (pictured) handling the conflict over the construction of a judge’s residences complex that was cut into a mountain in Chiang Mai.
After local protests, Deputy PM Prawit (nicknamed “Pom”), decided to end the project and find an appropriate solution. His swift action was praised by the public even though he himself has been plagued by several damaging scandals.]

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