Weekly News Magazines, June 7, 2013

Nation Weekend, 07 June 2013

From Nation Weekend, June 7, 2013
Cover reads: Who’s behind the white mask?

[Reference is to a group of people who use white masks as their profile pictures for their Facebook pages. These people came together to express their dissatisfaction against Premier Yingluck Shianawtra’s speech in Mongolia on Thai political situation last April. On June 4th, coordinator of the Green Group, another anti-Thaksin political group, Suriyasai Takgasila, was on T News talking about the white mask movement’s activities. So it’s quite apparent that these people are from the same root–the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) or the Yellow Shirts.]

Matichon Weekly, 07 June 2013

From Matichon Weekly, June 7, 2013
Cover reads: Doesn’t change the ‘color’, doesn’t change the ‘line’

[Reference is to the current political situation in the country when various groups of people demonstrate their malcontent against the government, especially after Premier Yingluck Shinawatra gave her speech concerning the political situation in Thailand at Mongolia at the end of April. The main idea is that these groups may come out using different symbols or names, but looking closer one will see that they are the same people from the Yellow Shirt movement, officially named the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) whose main purpose was then to topple the so called Thaksinocracy (the then Premier Thaksin Shinawatra’s economic ideas), and now to oust the Premier Yingluck Shinawatra government which is apparently controlled by Thaksin.
Man on the cover is Thawil Pliansri, former secretary of the National Security Council. Under the Yingluck government, he was transferred from National Security Chief to enable a reshuffle that saw another Thaksin relative appointed to the top post in the Royal Thai Police. Recently, the Administrative Court ruled that the government’s order does not conform to the law, and ordered the reinstatement of Thawil to his former position as NSC’s head. This abuse of power in shifting Thawil from his rightful post is seen as an example of the government’s use of power that causes public skepticism.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_08 June 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, June 8, 2013
Cover reads: “Wanna see Thaksin back home”

[Reference is to Deputy Minister of Commerce Natthawut Saikua’s 38th birthday party on June 4th. The man on the cover, Pongsak Pongsuwan, who is much better known as Theng Thirdtherng, one of the most popular comedians in Thailand, was invited to entertain the party-goers comprising leading Pheu Thai Party members like Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Ubumrung and Energy Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisal and Red Shirt leader Jatuporn Promphan. What made Theng Thirdtherng’s show become news is when he finished a song for Natthawaut he said he wanted to see Thaksin return home. This led to a barrage of criticism of the comedian’s political stance and sympathy for the Red Shirts.]

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