Weekly News Magazines, June 3-10, 2016


From Nation Weekend, June 3, 2016
Main cover reads: A knight kills a Dhamma star

[The man on the cover is Justice Minister Gen Paiboon Koomchaya.
Refers to an attempt to arrest Dhammakaya temple’s abbot Dhammachayo who is facing a charges related to money laundering. The word “Dhamma star” refers to abbot Dhammachayo. Although Dhammachayo’s followers are trying to stop officers from arresting the controversial abbot, Gen. Paiboon ordered the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to arrest Dhammachayo within three weeks and he refused to use the Article 44 (the junta’s absolute power) to overrule legal niceties in this case.]

Kong is shaking [yellow] ‘right-Lao’ is in Thailand while [yellow] ‘left-red’ is in Laos.

[The article says that the Lao Government arrested three right wing Lao suspects for violating national security and those people were believed to be linked with some groups in Thailand. Meanwhile, some Thai communist groups referred to as the “left-red” are thought to be in exile in Laos. The word “Kong” refers to the Mekong River.]


From Matichon Weekly, June 3-9, 2016
Main cover reads: Dhammakaya Wars

[The yellow UFO refers to Dhammakaya temple’s UFO-shaped stupa.
Refers to Dhammakaya temple’s abbot Dhammachayo who is trying to delay his arrest over money laundering charges. After being impeded, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) used drones and helicopters to take pictures of the current situation inside the temple.]

Left side: Soft war – 5 million Like ‘Don’t get tired of me.’

[Refers to Yingluck who is trying to sustain her political popularity. Five million people follow her account which shows that people have not forgotten her.]


From Lokwannee, June 4-10, 2016
Main cover reads: The gang overthrowing an abbot (again, people?)

[An UFO-shaped stupa refers to Dhammakaya temple’s giant golden stupa.
Since this magazine is pro-Red Shirt, it plays with a saying of ‘Lom Jao’ meaning overthrowing the Royal family.
Often Thai protest movements have cited Thaksin and the Red Shirts as part of a “gang” to overthrow the monarchy meaning a conspiracy.
While the word ‘Jao’ means the royal family and the word ‘Jao-awat’ means abbot. So on the cover, instead of trying to overthrow the royal family, the government is trying to overthrow ‘Jao-awat’, an abbot.]


From Manager Weekly, June 4-10, 2016
Main cover reads: Dhammakaya state

[Pictures are shown the places and activities inside Dhammakaya temple with the UFO-shaped stupa which is a symbol of the temple. With the temple closed off to the Thai authorities it has become a de facto state that can resist the laws of the land.]

Top: Having an affair with another girl. A wife asks to divorce, but her mother-in-law doesn’t agree. [red] ‘Tod’  denies – [Says] it’s not him.

[The couple is Pithi ‘Tod’ Bhirompakdee and Woranuch ‘Noon’ Wongsawan. This refers to a rumor disclosed by a gossip Facebook page about a well-known person who has an affair with another woman. Now his famous actress wife wants to divorce. This rumor makes people curious whether the rumor is about Tod. However, he has recently denied it was him.]

Below: ‘Wanchalerm’ Vs. ‘One Point’ – From ‘Do you know I’m the son of whom?’ to ‘My son, whom no one can touch’

[The men in the photos from left to right: Chalerm, his son Wanchalerm and his grandson Archawin (or Kamo), Pai Lik (known as Pai One Point) and Pai’s father (Ruangwit Lik).
Refers to an incident in which someone had a conflict with Wanchalerm’s son Kamo and that person claimed that he/she was in the group (part of the inner circle of entourage) of Pai One Point.
However, later both Wanchalerm and Pai posted their pictures taken together to refute the news and confirmed that that person did not belong to Pai’s group.
The saying “Do you know I’m the son of whom?” is a well know saying used by Chalerm’s so to threaten authorities who try to check their behavior.
Pai is the son of veteran Pheu Thai politician Ruangwit Lik.]

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