Weekly News Magazines, June 27, 2014

Nation Weekend_27 June 2014

From Nation Weekend, June 27, 2014
Cover reads: Scripture of victorious warfare
[Reference is to a research report on non-traditional threats written by Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha as part of his study at the territorial defense college in 2007. This report has been scrutinized since the coup to shed light on Gen. Prayuth’s thinking. It is thought that Thaksin’s conduct while PM and his continued influence in politics are perceived by the military as a threat to the very nature of the nation.]

Matichon Weekly, June 27

From Matichon Weekly, June 27, 2014
Cover reads: Uncle ‘Kamnan’ man
[This refers to Suthep’s speech made at an exclusive dinner on June 21 to mobilize funds to aid people who are affected by the political demonstrations. In his speech, he stated that Gen. Prayuth discussed the plan to topple the Thaksin regime, and communicated with him before declaring martial law. Gen. Prayuth later denied this and was reportedly very annoyed with Suthep for his statement. The military as repeatedly denied and preplanning or conspiracy related to the coup.
The title on the cover jokes about this. Presently, in Thai there is the term “auntie woman” referring to women over 40 who have bad habits like cutting in line and doing other selfish things.
“Uncle Kamnan man” means that Suthep is like the selfish, impolite “auntie woman” because he foolishly created waves by trying to imply the his movement had been conspiring with the military.
“Kaman” is the head of a tambon in the provincial administrative system and as Suthep started his political career as a kaman, he is often referred to as the kaman.]

ASTV Manager Weekly, June 28

From ASTV Manager Weekly, June 28
Cover reads: Kamnan runs, imagining aloud at the Pacific Club
[Reference is to a speech that Suthep Thuagsuban made at a dinner party on June 21 to mobilize funds for a foundation to help people affected by the political demonstrations. Suthep claimed junta head Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha talked with him about plans to topple the Thaksin regime. Gen. Prayuth denied Suthep’s claim. This Manager ridicules Suthep’s claims of being in on the army plot.]

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