Weekly News Magazines, June 21, 2013

Nation Weekend, 21 June 2013

From Nation Weekend, June 21, 2013
Cover reads: Luang Poo Novice Kham, flying dhamma

[Reference is to Phra Ajarn Dr. Wirapol Chattiko or Luang Poo Novice Kham, chairman of the monks of the Wat Paa Khanti Dhamma in Srisaket Province, who was seen in photos traveling with modern devices on a jet plane. These pictures, published in the press and posted on the social media network on Monday, June 17, led to severe criticism of the monk. However, Luang Poo Novice Kham’s spokesman stated that those pictures are pictures which were previously used in an attempt to damage the monk’s image. The spokesman claimed that a photo of the monk lying next to a woman was determined by the police to be photoshopped.
‘Luang Poo’ is a term used to address a senior monk. Luang Poo Noveice Kham is still called ‘novice’ because he became famous when he was still a novice. Currently, he is mobilizing funds to build the claimed-to-be world’s biggest emerald Buddha image.]

Matichon Weekly, 21 June 2013

From Matichon Weekly, June 21, 2013
Cover reads: Celebrate June 24, ’13, Royal appointed premier

[Reference is to the “Group of Thai People who Love their Land” led by Chaiwat Sinsuwong together with several other groups not satisfied with the government’s administration. They submitted a petition to His Majesty the King on Monday, June 17. The main points of the petition are frustration with corruption in the government, the use of the government’s supporting mass protesters to threaten the opposition and independent organizations such as the courts, and the government’s administration under command of former premier Thaksin Shinawatra who is a convicted fugitive. Some reports claimed that the petition was to ask for His Majesty to appoint a new prime minster. However, Mr. Chaiwat denied the report.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_22 June 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, June 22, 2013
Cover reads: Novice Kham style

[Reference is to Luang Poo Novice Kham, chairman of the monks at the Wat Paa Khanti Dhamma in Srisaket Province. The monk is very famous in the Northeast. His followers include high ranking police and military officers and national level businessmen. Somehow, he is criticized for his luxurious lifestyle, e.g. traveling by a jet plane and a Rolls-Royce commuter with police escort, using a Louis Vuitton bag, etc.]

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