Weekly News Magazines, June 20, 2014

Nation Weekend_20 June 2014

From Nation Weekend, June 20, 2014
Cover reads: Elitist-East Commander
[The phrase refers to two main lines of power in the military forces — the elitists, commanders from the 1st Infantry Regiment, the King’s Royal Guard in Bangkok, and those from the camps in the East, the so-called “Eastern Tigers” who staged the coup.
Reference is to Gen. Phaiboon Khumchaya, the Royal Thai Army’s Assistant Commander-in-Chief and head of the legal and justice system of the National Council for Peace and Order. Assigned by Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, the Army’s Commander-in-Chief and chairman of the NCPO and a commander from the Eastern Tigers, Gen. Phaiboon’s appointment is considered as an attempt to combine the two lines of commanding power in the army–the elitists and the Eastern Tigers.]

Matichon Weekly, June 20

From Matichon Weekly, June 20, 2014
Cover reads: ‘Beauty’ of the people in the great war
[Reference is to the National Council for Peace and Order’s policy to “return happiness to Thai people.” Among many activities was giving away free movie tickets for the film King Naresuan the Great V. The cover refers to the mass of people who flocked to watch the historical war movie.]

ASTV Manager Weekly, June 21

From ASTV Manager Weekly, June 21, 2014
Cover reads: Chairman-to-be of PTT board of directors; …gone, what to come?
[The blanked out word in Thai implies a name of a crawling animal, ‘Hia’–a large lizard. The word is refer to a person who is deemed extremely bad and hated, which refers to Mr. Panpree Mahitthanukorn, who recently resigned as chairman of the PTT’s board of directors. Panpree is also former deputy leader of the Pheu Thai Party and thought to simply be appointed because of his closeness to Thaksin.
The man on the cover is Piyasavasti Amaranand, former Energy Minister of Thailand and former Secretary-General of the Thai National Energy Policy Office. He is thought to be a favorite to replace Panpree as new chairman of the board.]

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