Weekly News Magazines, June 14, 2013

Nation Weekend, 14 June 2013

From Nation Weekend, June 14, 2013
Cover reads: The mysterious kill
[Reference is to the mysterious murder of Akeyuth Anchanbutr, creator of the Thai Insider website. Akeyuth was known to be involved in Thailand’s politics for decades. After disappearing from home on June 6, his driver, Santiphap Pengduang, confessed that he murdered his boss for money, and asked three other suspects to bury the body in Pattalung Province. However, Akeyuth’s family and the public are suspicious that there may be something hidden behind the motive of the murder, possibly involving in politics, due to the suspects’ confusing confessions and Akeyuth’s involvement in several political events in the past.]

Matichon Weekly, 14 June 2013

From Matichon Weekly, June 14, 2013
Cover reads: Mitsuo Gavesko, ‘the shore seeker’
[Reference is to Phra Ajarn Mitsuo Gavesko, the 62-year-old former abbot of Sunanthawanaram Temple in Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province. Phra Ajarn Mitsuo is a Japanese citizen who came to Thailand during his trip to seek eternal truth when he was 24. Introduced to Luang Pho Chaa, the famous and well respected monk in Ubon Ratchathani Province, he decided to go into the monkhood there and studied Buddhist teaching since then. After decades of study and practice, he became well respected and famous himself. Accordingly, it is shocking when he decided to leave the monkhood early this month and return to Japan, where he said he will keep conveying Buddhist teaching to the Japanese and Thai people there.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_15 June 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, June 15, 2013
Cover reads: Woh. 5, Order to die, License to kill
[Reference is to Akeyuth Anchanbutr who disappeared from home on June 4. Later his driver, Santiphap Pengduang, confessed that he killed Akeyuth to steal 5 million baht. Santiphap and three other suspects buried Akeyuth’s body in Patthalung Province. As the creator of the anti-Thaksin Thai Insider website, arrested for a ponzi scheme and several other involvements in politics and coups at the national level, together with the confusing confessions of the suspects, some people are skeptical that the theft of 5 million baht is really the motive for the murder.]

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