Weekly news magazines, July 31-August 8, 2015

manager1_7 aug

From Manager Weekly, August 1-7, 2015
Main cover reads: Don’t oppose the NCPO
Man on the cover: Suthep Thaugsuban
[Refers to People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leader Suthep who has already left his monkhood and decided to be a head of a foundation to support the reformation of a country.]
Top right: Tier 3
[black] The elder brother doesn’t like a naughty boy anymore.
[white] “Big Tu” doesn’t care…!
A man in the picture: PM Prayuth
[Refers to a US’s latest report on human trafficking. The junta was blamed for Thailand’s Tier 3 rating. The elder brother means the U.S.]
Bottom left: Income 30 million ‘Ann Mitchai’ It’s true… not a dream.
[Refers to Thai actress Ann Mitchai who becomes a star in Bollywood. There is a rumor that her 30 million baht income in Bollywood is a lie, but she denies this.]
Bottom right:
Pay 7,000 million
Layoff staff
Negative sign
“Thai Airways”
[Refers to the economic situation of Thai Airways which is facing loses.]

nationweekend_31 july

From Nation Weekend, July 31, 2015
Main cover reads: Does Somkid know yet?
[Refers to an expectation that Somkid may join the junta’s economic team. The cover shows when PM Prayuth going to his Somkid’s son’s wedding reception.]
Top right: 3 P. closer
[white] Friendship is beyond politics.
Man in a picture: Gen. Prawit
[Refers to a news of reshuffle of junta’s government. 3 P. refers to Gen. Prawit whose nickname is Pom, Gen. Anupong whose nickname is Pock and PM Prayuth.]


From Matichon Weekly, July 31-August 8, 2015
Main cover reads: Welcome: Wenkam
[Red] All living beings are subject to their own destiny… kuk-kuk.
A man on the cover: Somkid Jatusripitak
A man on the left: Suthep Thaugsuban
A sign held by a boy: Please carefully consider.
[This cover plays with the sound of the word “welcome” and “wenkam” meaning as “karma.” Those words refers to a future which Somkid must have to choose from. Somkid is expected to join the economic team of the junta.]

Lookwannee_3 aug

From Lokwannee, August 3, 2015
Main cover reads: Have only… a road… not a map?
Tank: We’ve already taken the right way.
[Refers to the junta which often doesn’t have any road map on governing the country.]

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