Weekly News Magazines, July 26, 2013

Nation Weekend, 26 July 2013

From Nation Weekend, July 26, 2013
Cover reads: Little prince
[Reference is to Princess Katherine, Prince Williams’ wife, who gave birth to a son on Monday, July 22.]

Matichon Weekly, 26 July 2013

From Matichon Weekly, July 26, 2013
Cover reads: The last dream of the freezing prince
[Reference is to a group of anti-Thaksinocracy called “People Army for Thaksinocracy Ousting” led by some retired military officers who graduated from the same class of the pre-military school as Gen. Surayuth Julanont, who was shown diving in the background.]

PASTV Manager Weekly_27 July 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, July 27, 2013
Cover reads: ‘Sayan’s’ fans’ unchanged promising love [promise means ‘sanya’ in Thai]
[Reference is to Sayan Sanya, one of the most popular Lookthung (country music) singer of Thailand. He falls ill of liver cancer. On the cover are his two daughters.]

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