Weekly News Magazines, July 21-28, 2017

From Siamrath Weekly Review, July 21-27, 2017
Main cover reads: August [red] horrible

[Refers to the month of August in which the Supreme Court will rule on former PM Yingluck Shinawatra, who is accused of creating huge losses while PM in the Pheu Thai rice subsidy scheme. The result of this case will impact not only Yingluck, but also her brother Thaksin (who directs the party from overseas) and the Pheu Thai Party. A guilty verdict would send a signal to future leaders of the party not to enact similar programs that pander to party supporters, but which are actually meant to maintain government popularity to enable Thaksin’s return to power.]

From Matichon Weekly, Jul 21-27, 2017
Main cover reads: Road map over road map 19 Aug 61 ‘Election’

[Refers to the attempt of the Election Commission, led by its president Supachai Somcharoen (pictured), to set the time frame for elections on Aug 19 2018. This “road map” conflicts with the “road map” of the junta which apparently intends to extend military control for as long as possible.]

Top right: Pae ‘TALENT’ [red] showing a disclose of the 8-people-kill betting with his position of the police chief

[Refers to an investigation of the killing of eight family members including children of Vorayut Sanglang, a village headman in Ao Luk district, Krabi province. As case has received a lot of attention from the public, National police chief, Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda, whose nickname is Pae, traveled to Krabi to investigate the case himself.]

From Lokwannee, July 22-28, 2017
Main cover reads: Law. Law person cheats. Law person did.
Close to the red crab (representing former PM Yingluck whose nickname is “Poo”): 6 million Likes

[This covers implies that Thai law is unjust as it targets former PM Yingluck for the rice-pledging scheme. This is despite her being an elected PM with strong support as she has 6 million people likes on her Facebook page.
Behind this reasoning is the Red Shirt assertion that no non-elected and non-political force should be able to interfere with the activities of an elected government. Such interference would be considered non-democratic.]

From Manager Weekly, July 22-28, 2017
Main cover reads: A hungry ghost of Suthat temple-[black] Monk has a habit like a crow [white] with hundred billions of wealth

[Refers to an investigation carried out by the National Office of Buddhism (NOB) on temple corruption. This investigation caused a conflict between the head of temples, led by Suthat Thepphaararam temple’s abbot, and the NOB director and seemed to show that government bodies were disrespectful to the monks.
The hungry ghost of Suthat temple is an old legend and the name of a famous drama as well. The hungry ghost is believed to stay at the temple waiting for the donations from the people.
The cover shows a famous and controversial painting titled “Monk has a habit like a crow” by Anupong Chantorn illustrating monks who behave inappropriately.]

Top left: Jailed ‘Kotong-Gen.Manas’ but [yellow] ‘Paween’ [white] who disclosed this case must be exiled in Aussie.
Man on the left: Police Major General Paween Pongsirin
Man on the right: Gen. Manas Kongpan
[Refers to the court’s ruling to sentence Gen. Manas Kongpan and Kotong (Patjuban Aungkachotephan) due to the trafficking of Rohinya people.
The investigator who embarrassed the junta and government by making sure this case came to light, Police Major General Paween Pongsirin, has had to hide out in Australia in a fear of his life.]

Top right: Consider the case of ASTV on the way of satellite TV
[Refers to an intense competition in the satellite TV business.]

Bottom left: Disclose the problem of “Super Power” A group of new sponsors not related to [red] Mae Kim Lai – Get ready to fight the next year

[Refers to the problem inside Thailand’s football league team “Super Power” Samut Prakan F.C. and the bad performance of the team. Also, the team denies the rumor that well-known desert brand “Mae Kim Lai” will be the new sponsor of the team.]

Bottom right: Sell HD to AIS [black] ‘Pravit’ joins hands ‘Khun Dang’ exploring SD to rescue Channel 3

[The man is Pravit Maleenont and the woman is Suran Prempree. Refers to the huge loss of Channel 3 due to the HD TV business. To solve this, Channel 3 hired the former executive team from AIS to help. This led to the rumor that Thaksin would take over the channel. Channel 3 executives denied the takeover.
Meanwhile, former Channel 3 executive Pravit joined hands with media mogul Surong Prempree, known as Khun Dang, to manage Channel 3’s SD TV business with the aim to increase profit to compensate the loss from HD TV.]

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