Weekly News Magazines, July 16-22, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, July 15-21, 2016
Main cover reads: Constitution is not fake [yellow] because I draft it by myself.

[PM Prayuth looks into a virtual reality mask. He has called people to stop spreading purposely fake information about the new draft charter. The headline seems to refer the Prayuth’s comment that if the present draft was not passed he would draft a new charter himself by focusing on people’s needs as the objective. Knowing that, he said, let’s see if the draft is voted down or not.
As Prayuth making the charter himself would be a fearful eventuality, this joke caused consternation from many groups that call for the rejection of the charter.
They interpret Prayuth’s jest as a threat to those who oppose him. They fear that Prayuth is saying an even worse charter could be offered if this one is rejected.]

Top right: Be ready for Pokemon Go fever from the virtual to the real world.

[Refers to the latest Pokemon Go which have been released in several countries. Due to the safety and security concerns, many countries have banned on playing the game in certain places.]


From Nation Weekend, July 15, 2016
Main cover reads: Sovereignty with a smile

[The man is PM Prayuth. The article is about the current situation right now as the junta attempts to put a good face on the coming referendum vote.]

On the left: A new [yellow] Supreme Patriarch [white] must be accepted.

[Refers to the appointment of the new Supreme Patriarch. PM Prayuth said there would be no Supreme Patriarch nomination until the dispute between people those support Somdet Phra Maha Ratchmngalacharn and who oppose him, clear up their differences. The anti-group opposed him due to one of reasons as he has a close ties with Dhamakaya’s abbot Dhamachayo.]

Other headlines:

1. Case of [yellow] ‘Ying Kai’ very deep, very complicated

[Refers to the complicated case of Monta Yokrattanakan, known as Ying Kai, who lodged false complaints against her former employees. The police investigated Monta and found out that she was related to many crime cases.]

2. Humiliation of [yellow] ‘Surachai’ [yellow] done by exiled Red Shirts

[Refers to the internal conflicts between Red Shirt Surachai Saedan and other radical Red Shirt members who are thought to be in exile in Laos. Depending on the interpretation, the continuing turmoil and infighting within Red Shirt circles is either due to expectation of an imminent return to government of a Pheu Thai government or the waning influence of Thaksin over the movement.]

3. Follow [yellow] ‘Leicester tycoon’ to pay respect to ‘the City Pillar Shrine’

[Refers to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, owner of Premier League’s championship Leicester City. He and his team visited Nakhon Si Thammarat to celebrate their victory. During the trip, they visited to the City Pillar Shrine. The faces of Jatukam Ramathep–the main deity of the city–are engraved at the top. Jatukam Ramathep was once a popular type of amulet.]

4. Killing of a grass roots NGO linked with the family of [yellow] ‘Hun’

[Refers to the case of the killing Kem Ley, the leader of an advocacy group. Kem Ley was known as an activist as well as a critic of Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen. His death has created concern that it might related to political matters.]

5. Drama, NBTC and [yellow] “drama with sex scenes”

[Refers to the broadcasting regulator National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Committee (NBTC) fining the digital TV channel GMM25 for violent and sex scenes in the drama Pheun Rak Pheun Rai aired during its popular Club Friday TV program.]


From Lokwannee, July 16-22, 2016
Main cover reads: If it’s good enough, then what do you have to be afraid of?
On the milk bottle: Different views [red] The explanation of main ideas of [blue] draft constitution

[Refer to the referendum of draft constitution. This cover illustrates the concerns about the junta’s actions towards those who oppose the draft charter. It contends that, if the charter is good and democratic, there is no need for the junta to react harshly against those who oppose it.]


From Manager Weekly, July 16-22, 2016
Main cover reads: I’m faded. The Badminton association must take the responsibility for it.

[The woman on the cover is Thai badminton player Ratchnok Intanon. The background of the cover is from a picture posted in Ratchnok’s Instragram.
She was accused and then cleared of doping allegations. The resulting controversy seemed to shake Ratchnok’s enthusiasm for the game and dent Thailand’s hopes for Olympic victory.]

Top: Pretending to charge the Pig [black] is the a task of a silent tiger who takes everything.

[This Refers to the relationship between Gen Anupong and M.R. Sukhumbhan, known as Chai Moo or “Pig” in Thai. This article questions the transparency of the corruption investigation impacting M.R. Sukhumbhan. Due to their close relationship, many are afraid that Gen. Anupong in some way meddle in the case and end up reaping a benefit from the circumstances. Due to his silent and calm personalities, Gen. Anupong is called the “silent tiger.”]

Bottom left: The answer? Why everyone doesn’t like [pink] ‘Mai.’ [yellow] There is an answer here.

[The woman in the cover is popular actress Davika Hoorne or Mai. She has been on the news for having a conflict with many actresses and actors as well as people working with her.]

Bottom right: Thai people die of cirrhosis disease 2 (twenty) thousand each year because of [red] alcohol.

[Refers to the epidemic of alcohol-induced ailments in Thailand and the growing move to implement anti-drinking campaigns.]

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