Weekly News Magazines: Jindamanee 0.4, March, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, March 30-April 5, 2018
Main cover picture: Jindamanee 0.4
[Refers to “Jindamanee,” an early Thai textbook written during the Ayutthaya period. PM Prayuth recommend people read it to encourage appreciation of Thai culture and history. This is part of the history craze surrounding the “Love Destiny” soap opera.
In the picture, PM Prayuth and his cabinet wear Thai traditional dresses to encourage people to wear Thai dress when visiting temples.
This headline makes a joke of the junta’s “Thailand 4.0” policy to promote a digital economy. The joke is that while pushing a moderna and advanced country, they suddenly jump on broad a history fad and start promoting the wisdom of the past.]

Top right: After ‘Mark Zuckerburg’ destroys the ‘trust’
[Refers to the Facebook data scraping scandal.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, March 30-April 5, 2018
Main cover reads: Events of politics?
[Refers to the political protests and activities to pressure the junta to have quicker elections. The activities also promote recognition for the public of political parties and groups that need to raise their profiles again for elections.]

From Manager Weekly, March 31-April 6, 2018
Main cover reads: NBTC the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission – Loss for every channels and failure for every network
[Refers to the unsatisfying performance of the the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and its mission to promote digital TV and the 4G telephone system.
Most media companies involved in digital TV have faced losses. Instead of support from the NBTC, they then face lawsuits from the organization for not being able to pay licensing fees. Thailand also lags far behind neighboring countries in implementing a 4G mobile phone system.]

Top: “Military” makes sure for extending its power. Pressure “electioneers” to take sides. All [parities} are fine except [those who support] “Maew’s system” [Thaksin’s power]
[To get rid of Thaksin influence, the junta is doing everything to make sure that political parties do not support the return of Thaksin.]

Bottom left: Glancing at ‘Ao jao Clara’ a sexy jealous character ‘Suri-Suzana’
[Refers to Suzana Suri Renaud, one of actresses who plays the stock jealous character in the Thai period soap opera “Bupphesanniwat” (Love Destiny). Although her role is not the main role, with her beauty, she has become very popular with audiences.]
Middle: Shock removal of “Chod” from “GMM25”
[Refers to the sacking of famous DJ and CEO of GMM25 Saithip “Chod” Montrikul Na Ayudhaya (pictured). She was moved from CEO to be a vice president of the GMM25 although. She denied that it was due to the decline of profits for the channel.]
Right: Misunderstanding about rabies can lead to death.
[Refers to the nationwide outbreak of rabies.]

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