Weekly News Magazines, January 8-15, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, January 8-14, 2016
Main cover reads: Above ‘P.’ is another ‘P.’
[The highlighted men on the cover are Deputy PM Prawit and PM Prayuth. Refers to the role of Deputy PM Prawit in the junta led by PM Prayuth. He is believed to play a significant role and have the power to supervise PM Prayuth’s government. Deputy PM Prawit is also PM Prayuth’s respected senior in the military group called the Eastern Tigers.]

Right side: Provoking ‘politics,’ Calendar model
[white] Happy New Year 2558 [2016]

[Pictured is the front of the Pheu Thai 2016 calendar with a photo of Thaksin and Yingluck. This refers to the Thaksin-Yingluck new year’s calendars distributed to their supporters. The junta banned the calendar on the grounds that it was party organizing which has been prohibited during the post-coup period. They denied it was a vendetta against Thaksin and his political party.
The distribution of the calendar was another amusing example of who really controls the Pheu Thai Party and much of Thai politics–particularly despite the party’s continual claims that Thaksin has retired from politics and does not direct the party’s activities.]


From Manager Weekly, January 9, 2016
Main cover reads: #teamtammy

[Monks on the cover, left-right: Phra Dhammachayo, Somdet Phra Maha Ratchamangalacharn. Refers to the appointment of a new Supreme Patriarch. Somdet Phra Maha Ratchamangalacharn is one of the candidates for the supreme patriarch. However, there are some groups against him due to the doubt of his close relations with the controversial abbot of Wat Phra Dammakaya, Phra Dhammachayo, whom he mentored when Phra Dhammachayo Phra Dhammachayo was ordained. Phra Dhammachayo was called by his opponents “Tammy” mimicking the pronunciation of his name.
This controversy involving Thai Buddhism is yet another area of the Thai world wrapped in with Thaksin. Thaksin had long attempted to supplant the traditional strain of Thai Buddhism with personal allies–particularly the Dhammakaya Movement which has extolled Thaksin as the ideal Buddhism layperson. The fear is that the sect would participate in a future Red Shirt uprising in Bangkok by ordaining 100,000 monks to march as human shields before for pro-Thaksin protesters. Thus, who controls the Buddhists hierarchy has become yet another political battleground.]

Bottom left: Online drama ‘Love story of a ‘motorpunk’
[The woman is the well-known actress Napapa ‘Pat’ Tantrakul and her ex-boyfriend ‘Jack.’ This refers to the slap fight between Pat and Jack’s ex-girlfriend. Due to this incident, their love story was revealed and some criticized since Pat since she is a well-known actress, but is dating a low-class motorcycle punk. This reveals some of the class controversy in Thai society.]

Bottom right: The end of Rajabhakti. ‘Big Dong’ still has a close tie with ‘Pom-Tu’

[This refers to the Rajabhakti Park scandal. Gen. Udomdej Sitabutr, the army commander during the construction of the project, was questioned about the involvement in this project. Although he received strong pressure to resign from his position to protect the junta’s image, he still maintain his position and displays his close relationship with both PM Prayuth, whose nickname is Tu, and Deputy PM Prawit, whose nickname is Pom.]


From Nation Weekend, January 8, 2016
Main cover reads: Magic calendar
[The woman on a cover is Yingluck who is Photoshopped to amke it look like she is distributing the Pheu Thai’s new year calendar.
On the calendar: Happy New Year 2559 [2016]

[Refers to a ban of the distribution of the Thaksin-Yingluck new year calendars by the Pheu Thai Party. The junta banned the said calendars saying they were not appropriate due to Thaksin and Yingluck having violated the law. However, others raised concersn about whether there were biased political motives behind the junta’s action.]

Top right: The way of [yellow] ‘Big brother’
[white] Growing up from two system. A compromiser.

[The man in the picture is Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan. This refers to the role of Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan who is a senior respected officer within the military group known as the Eastern Tigers. The members of the group oppose Thaksin, control the junta and include PM Prayuth. Deputy PM Prawit also has a good ties with Thaksin’s faction. He used to work under Yingluck’s administrative. Thus, he plays an important role to compromise between the many competing political ambitions in the counrty.]


From Lokwannee, January 9-15, 2016
Main cover reads: Peek-a-boo!!
Blurred letters: [white] Happy New Year 2558 [2016]

[Refers to a ban of distribution of Thaksin-Yingluck new year calendars by the Pheu Thai Party. The red crab at lower right refers to Yingluck whose nickname is “Poo.” This pro-Thaksin news source seems to relish that the specter of the Shinawatras can still unsettle Thaksin’s military opponents.]

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2 Responses to Weekly News Magazines, January 8-15, 2016

  1. Wiz says:

    the way Supreme Sangha appointing Somdej Chuang is nothing short of Sodomy against the wills of Buddhist laypersons

    Page of UDD men who support Somdej Chuang from Bang Lamung (pataya)

    Mockery for Somdej Chuang who will ride UFO to become Supreme Patriarch

    Not yet to send the resolution for appointing Somdej Chuang to Big Too

    the crimes of Supreme Sangha by appointing Ai Somdej Chuang means they are going to pay the price for their hubris

    Choowit vs Buddha isara

    Monks with good practices are always respected to reach Nirvana

    Ai Somdej Chuang and Ai Dhammajaiyo have grossly violating the teaching of Lord Buddha

    Allowing to post the sign at the temple wall in Bang Lamung (Northern suburb of Pataya) is intolerable

    Visanu, we never forgive the crime you have done by bringing Ai Maew to be an unauthorized representatives for His Majesty in 2005 through Supreme Sangha connections

    Visanu has forgotten that there used to be an unauthorized representative for using Wat Phra Kaeo – and the result – IJA losing the war and later on the leader died in exile

    mockery toward Somdej Chuang as hungry ghost in saffron cloth according to Dr Seree

    issue on controversial letter of Supreme Sangha

    Buddha Isara vs Ai Dhammajaiyo

    Awesome Dhammajaiyo

    Very High Stake for the appointment of Supreme Patriarch – Don’t play shenanigan with the faith of Buddhist laypersons or Supreme Sangha along with Buddhist Bureau and religion affairs will pay the price

    It is about time for Sangha reform – disrobing those Supreme Sangha and charge them with both Article 157 (for neglecting the duties) and Article 112 for appointing the unworthy one to be Supreme Sangha

    Mockery toward Supreme Sangha exploded

    Buddha Isara going to start the activities in response of Supreme Sangha’s appointment of Somdej Chuang and the only candidate for Supreme Patriarch

    Warning from Luang Ta Mahabua on Supreme Sangha – since they have committed the immoral things, their orders will be null and void – never try to force His majesty to pick the leper dog in saffron cloths to become Supreme Sangha – so Disciples of Luang Ta mahabua going to boycott Supreme Sangha and associated

    the list of crimes by Dhammajaiyo from 1997 to 2016 – no longer a monk

    Buddha Isara warning Big Too to do the right things on the appointment of Supreme patriarch – never try to force His majesty to pick the leper dog in saffron cloths to become Supreme Sangha

    wrong though that make other people’s faults as large as mountains while our own fault is as thin as a hair – the case of a hair hiding a mountain

    Even Army top brasses warning Big Too to do the right things on the appointment of Supreme patriarch – never try to force His majesty to pick the leper dog in saffron cloths to become Supreme Sangha

    UDD men mocking Buddha Isara on the issue of Supreme Sangha

    Page of UDD men mocking Buddha isara

    Jatuporn backing wrong candidate
    January 13, 2016 1:00 am
    Controversial politician Jatuporn Promphan has warned of a big public protest if Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha does not put forward the name of Somdet Phra Maha Ratchamangalacharn (aka Somdet Chuang) as a candidate for supreme patriarch.

    In my opinion, despite being the most senior of eight potential candidates, Somdet Chuang is the most controversial.
    Somdet Chuang was a mentor to Phra Dhammachayo of the Wat Dhammakaya sect. He is seen as a big supporter of Phra Dhammachayo in all his unorthodox and controversial behaviour.

    Phra Dhammachayo has been accused of attempting to transform Thai Buddhism into a religion of materialistic values rather than one that teaches us to seek the “middle path” in pursuing a peaceful way of life.

    In short, Phra Dhammachayo is a materialist monk rather than spiritual or intellectual one. And what he teaches is not the genuine Buddhism that we Thais have been taught for centuries.

    Lastly, if a religious disagreement threatens to bring civil

    war, then the disagreement is not actually about religion, but about politics.

    Vint Chavala

    Supreme Patriarch row won’t help clergy by SANITSUDA EKACHAI

    Supreme patriarch nominee confirmed, with conditions

    Superstition has no place in Buddhism
    The Nation January 14, 2016 1:00 am
    With more temples shunning belief in amulets and the like, hope grows for an end to wayward monks
    Lay people can help by, first, setting aside superstitious habits, and then by adopting in their daily routines the lessons bestowed by their favourite monks. Teacher and student thus work in tandem to reduce social suffering, passing on to others the wisdom that, regardless of belief in Heaven, Hell or an afterlife, makes this life more pleasant for all.

    Visanu thought that there will be NO problem to get Royal assent for appointing Somdej Chuang as Supreme Sangha – soon he will be regret for making such a thought as the boycott against those who associated with Somdej Chuang is looming

    the reprisal against those Supreme Sangha and those who support Somdej Chuang to be Supreme Patriarch is now about to happened – just like what happened during Blanket pardon in the way of Sodomy

    Somdej Chuang, you have been appointed by Supreme Sangha through the way of Sodomy, you will have the end like those who sodomize people

    Finally, the letter of appointing Somdej Chuang as Supreme Sangha has reached Buddhist Bureau

    Area 51 at Wat Phra Dhammakaya

    the issue of appointing Supreme Patriarchs in the past along with the cases of disrobing Buddhist Cardinals due to the case of violating the vow for celibacy

    the controversial letters of the late Supreme Sangha

    the case of Appointing Somdej Chuang can become political time bomb

    After 3 Nominee PMs of Ai Maew, there will be the first Supreme Sangha Nominee who is a puppet of Ai Dhammajaiyo and being under patronage by Ai Maew

    Remember the word of Supreme Patriarch, the scoundrels in Saffron clothes are just the one who waste the rice to feed them… unworthy one indeed.

    Buddha Isara said that Now people know that Visanu taking side with Dhammakaya by speeding up the appointment of Somdej Chuang

    the list of better candidates for Supreme Sangha – abbot of Wat Boworn Niwetwiharn

    remember the day Dhammakaya threatening to plant a bomb at Wat Chana Songkram

    giving one more chance for Dhammakaya to surrender, or Phra Phom Molee will be sacked and disrobed

    Phra Phromkhunaporn – another good candidate who has been rejected as he is not taking side with Dhammakaya – just remind me the even worse case of Phra Phimontham who has been disrobed with groundless accusation by the candidate for Supreme Sangha who eventually became Supreme Sangha in 1965 with royal ceremony but he has met the tragic end with automobile accident in Bang Plee curve in 1971.

    Mocking the threat of Phra Methee

    Big Tok begging people to separate the case of appointing Supreme Patriarch from Dhammakaya – but nobody will as they have seen the implication of appointing Somdej Chuang

    the case of Deva Dolls – the sign of Buddhist laypersons losing faith on monks

    ๋Just praying would be fine – better idea for Buddhist laypersons

    Monks must learn to live with abject poverty according to the late Supreme patriarch

    Good monks collecting virtue while the evil monks collecting properties

    the threat of Phra Methee is more like the word from Yakuza

    Wat pa Ban Tat of Luang Ta Mahabua going to boycott Supreme Sangha who is going to appoint Somdej Chuang as Supreme patriarch

    Supreme Sangha voting to push Somdej Chuang as the ONLY candidate for Supreme Patriarch why both dissent voices are absent during the secret meetings as told by UDD intellectual who run Maha Chulalongkorn Rajviddhayalai telling Thai Voice Media – a sodomy while sleeping on 5 Jan 2016 indeed – but they keep denying about the secret meeting

    If Supreme Sangha still show defiance against DSI and Buddhist laypersons, it will be their own undoing

    Visanu said just endorsing Somdej Chuang as Supreme Sangha would be fine – but he has forgotten that he is about to play with conflagration

    If Supreme Sangha refuses to do the right thing against Dhammakaya due to conflicts of interests, it is the great undoing for Supreme Sangha

    Mockery toward Dhammajaiyo and Somdej Chuang as the dxxx heads

    Fancy car of Somdej Chuang

    Dhammakaya as Thai branch of Illuminati

    Not much difference between Ai Maew and Ai Dhammajaiyo

    5 reasons why Somdej Chuang is unsuitable candidate for Supreme Sangha

    Wat Pa Ban Tat of the late Luang Ta Mahabua said the appointment of Supreme Sangha must follow Dhamma Vinaya

    Ai Phra Methee who keep threatening against the government

    the way Luang Pho Cha to deal with automobile is much better than Ai Somdej Chuang

    Ai Too wants to burn down the country once more by pouring gasoline into the fire of Supreme Sangha crisis

    Phra Phaisal warning that Dhammakaya has distorted the core of Buddhist teachings

    Ai Phra Methee threatening against Buddhist laypersons who want Sangha reforms

    Ai Phra Methee (Maha Prasarn) when he was summonsed to meet Junta

    Unmasking Ai Phra Methee who has posted very dirty words against Khun Sinjai who joint PDRC movements

    Supreme Sangha voting to push Somdej Chuang as the ONLY candidate for Supreme Patriarch why both dissent voices are absent during the secret meetings as told by UDD intellectual who run Maha Chulalongkorn Rajviddhayalai telling Thai Voice Media

    Even the late Supreme Sangha has warned those like Somdej Chuang for being unworthy candidates for Supreme Sangha

    reasons behind the struggle against Somdej Chuang – never want to live in the same world with Dhammakaya

    Faith without wisdom is just like kowtowing a canine in saffron clothe

    the way senior monk celebrating the promotion – only living more disgusting feeling and alienation into the minds of Buddhist laypersons

    Warning for greedy monks – Saffron clothes cannot turn those greedy evils in human forms to become venerable – this can be applied so well for Ai Somdej Chuang of Wat Paknam

    the way Supreme Sangha want to push Somdej Chuang as Supreme Sangha ONLY reinvigorate PDRC movements

    Mockery toward those stupid and stubborn laypersons along with those evil monks who cannot escape the deadly sins

    On the issue appoint the Supreme patriarch with Ajarn Sathianphongse Wannapok – the way Thairath has distorted the words

    Buddha Isara sending 300000 petitions to ML Panadda Diskul to protest against the appointment of Somdej Chuang who has a conflict of interest with Dhammakaya

    Ai Too and Ai Ten are not much different from UDD monks

    UDD monk (Ai Phra Methee) threatening Junta to mobilize more monks to encircle Bangkok if Big Too refuses to appoint Somdej Chuang who has a conflict of interest with Dhammakaya as the new Supreme Patriarch and he keeps defending for Somdej Chuang

    SOmdej Chuang is totally unfit to become the new Supreme Patriarch

    Unmasking UDD monk (Ai Phra Methee) as the one who associate with Dhammakaya

    AI Too taking side with those UDD monks on the appointment of Somdej Chuang as Supreme Patriarch while he is going to help those UDD monk (Ai Phra Methee) to recruits more UDD monks and UDD laypersons to encircle Bangkok – very nefarious movement indeed as Ai Too going to attack Buddha Isara

    Road to become Supreme Patriarch of Somdej Chuang

    Warning for those monks who associated with Dhammakaya or associated with Ai Maew and UDD leaders

    Area 51 of Thailand is at Klong 3 Pathum Thani (Dhammakaya temple)

    it is likely that Somdej Chuang will not become Supreme Sangha – as both His Majesty and the Big one who prefers to live in Germany never want to associate with Dhammakaya

    Buddha isara said Junta must get real on Dhammakaya as they have supported the overthrow of Thai monarchy as Thai monarchy has opposed the ideas of state religion when he was sending 300000 petitions to ML Panadda Diskul

    Abbot and monks at Wat Thai Node in Hua Sai district of Nakhon Srithammaraj disrobed for taking speed pills

    Now, we have learnt that those UDD men starting to recruit those vagabonds around Bangkok railway terminus at Hua Lamphong and Sanam Luang to have their heads shaved to become UDD monks to encircle Bangkok

    Sooner or later those UDD monks like Ai Phra Methee will be trashed

    Clear point from Big Too – lets the monk war settle before appointing the new Supreme Patriarch

    Ai Phra Methee united with Ai Too to protect Somdej Chuang

    We even learn that Ai Phra Methee is an associated with EE Jaruphongse, an anti monarchy fugitive – and many start to dig the past of Ai Phra Methee as a very aggressive monk who loves to joint Hyde Park political speech and all other protests to the point that he has been kicked out of Wat Thong Sala-ngam … and then he started to associate with politicians like Big Jiw while he keeps currying favor senior monks to the point that he has been promoted to deputy rector of Maha Chulalongkorn Sangha University despite of his lack of qualification. Ai Phra Methee even has an affair with a lady in Maha Chulalongkorn Sangha University and Supreme Sangha refuse to prosecute Ai Phra Methee due to the conflicts of interests.

    Abbot of Thai temple in Berlin also associate with Ai Maew

    More story about Somdej Chuang, unworthy candidate for Supreme Sangha due to his attachment with treasures – esp the one from Ai Dhammajayo

    Latest antics of Dhammajayo with Golden pairs of pillars

    Buddha Isara vs Ai Phra Methee on the appointment of Supreme Sangha

    If Supreme Sangha keep endorsing Somdej Chuang as Supreme patriarch, expect the reprisals from Buddhist laypersons
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  2. Wiz says:

    Immoral monks are unworthy one according to Luang Ta Mahabua

    Mocking Dhammajaiyo as the shameless one

    Cannot pay respect to leper dog in saffron clothes – Luang Ta Maha Bua said

    Ai Phra Methee seem to want to be trashed

    Ultimatum from disciples of Luang Ta Mahabua who are going to boycott Somdej Chuang and Supreme Sangha

    the secret voting of Supreme Sangha on 5 Jan 2016 to pick Somdej Chaung as the only candidate for Supreme patriarch is nothing short of the night of Sodom in the eyes of Buddhist laypersons and now those vicars in Supreme Sangha are nothing by hungry ghosts in saffron clothes

    the summary of crimes by Dhammakaya Inc.

    PDRC mobilization against Somdej Kiak, Supreme Sangha and Ai Dhammajiyo

    Ai Visanu, you are the one behind the BE2547 (2004) amendment of Sangha Act of BE2535 to please Ai Maew who want his own favorite Supreme Patriarch – initially, it is to bring Somdej Kiaw of Golden Mountain into power – now, Somdej Kiaw is gone to be replaced by Somdej Chuang who is even worse than Somdej Kiaw

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