Weekly News Magazines, January 22-29, 2016

16_22 jan

From Lokwannee, January 16-22, 2016
On the sign at top of the gate: Independent agency – Constitutional court-NACC-ECT-OAG
Signs on the gates at bottom, left to right: Legislative, Executive, Judiciary
The big words on the cover read: Agency of God?

[The refers to the new draft constitution which will be criticized for giving power to independent agencies–the gate of which in the image towers above the gates of the Legislative, Executive, Judiciary.
NACC stands for the National Anti-Corruption Commission, ECT is the Election Commission of Thailand and the OAG is the Auditor General of Thailand.
This weekly news magazine is pro-Thaksin. Thaksin and his supporters have criticized the actions of independent agencies, saying that they are used by non-elected power blocks to check the actions of elected governments.]


From Manager Weekly, January 23-29, 2016
Main cover reads: Everyone loves Por

[The man on the cover is Por Tjrisadee. Refers to a death of famous actor Por Thrisadee. He passed away due dengue virus complications. His death brought the country into sadness, because he was known as a generous celebrity who always helped out in charitable causes. The article notes he is an idol for many people since he lives his life following the King’s principles on sufficiency economy.]

Bottom left: Analyze the new supreme competition [yellow] NACC vs. [red] Dhammakaya [white] and a conclusion which [red] win [yellow] win [white] for both party.

[The man in the picture is PM Prayuth. Behind is the dome of the Dhammakaya temple.
This refers to the controversial appointment of a new Supreme Patriarch. Somdet Phra Maha Ratchamangalacharn, known as Somdet Chuang, is one of the candidates for new supreme patriarch. He has close ties with the controversial abbot of Wat Phra Dammakaya, Phra Dhammachayo.
Due to this, many groups oppose him. Dhammakaya Temple is believed to be a Thaksin and Red Shirt supporter and that is why the red color is used when the temple is mentioned on the cover.]

Bottom right: ‘Uncle Ram’s’ fever. Warm and won lady’s heart.

[The couple are Diana Flipo and Thanakorn ‘Au’ Posayanon. This refers to the popular TV drama ‘Tamrak Kheunjai’ in which Thanakorn took the role as Uncle Ram. Due to Uncle Ram’s personality as a ‘warm and nice’ guy, he is popular among the female viewing audience.]


From Matichon Weekly, January 22-28, 2016
Main cover reads: Por Thrisadee effect

[The man is famous actor Por Thrisadee. The woman and a girl are his wife, Waenda and his daughter Mali. This refers to famous actor Por Thrisadee who was passed away due to the dengue virus. News died caused much sadness around the country.]

nation_22 jan

From Nation Weekend, January 22, 2016
Main cover reads: Burirum’s fate [yellow] ‘Tridsadee’ An honor of Burirum
Tridsadee Sahawong
2523-2559 [his year of birth and death: 1980-2016]

[The man is Tridsadee ‘Por’ Sahawong who was passed away due to the dengue virus.]

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