Weekly News Magazines, January 18, 2013

Nation Weekend 18 Jan 2013
From Nation Weekend, January 18, 2013
Cover reads: Red, Blue, Dark Yellow
[The feature concerns the coming Bangkok governor election on March 3, 2013. Red is Pol. Gen. Pongsapas Pongcharoen, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police and Secretary of the Office of the Narcotics Control Board. After leaving the public in a haze about his decision for while, Gen. Pol. Pongsapas finally decided to resign from his job at the Royal Thai Police and run for the election as the Pheu Thai Party nominee. Pol. Gen. Pongsapas is famous for his public relation skill. Meanwhile blue represent the current Bangkok governor, M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra from the Democrat Party. M.R. Sukhumbhand reruns with a strong support from the Bangkok Metropolitan Councilors from his party despite the lawsuit filed by the Department of Special investigation in connection with the renewal of the contract between the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the BTS. The dark yellow refers to Pol. Gen. Sereepisut Taemiyaves, former commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. Dark yellow represents his main supporting group of Santi Asoke sect led by Maj. Gen. Chamlong Srimuang. Helping him planning for the election campaign is Praphat Khoonmee, politician and former host of a TV political talk show on ASTV. With support from these two ally of the People Alliance for Democracy, it is speculated that Pol. Gen. has an opportunity to gain votes from voters who remain in between the Pheu Thai and the Democrat Parties as well as from some PAD supporters.]

Matichon Weekly_18 Jan 2013
From Matichon Weekly, January 18, 2013
Cover reads: Clothes without seams; Government-Bangkok
[Reference is to Pol. Gen. Pongsapas Pongcharoen’s decision to run for the Bangkok governor election on March 3, 2013 as the Pheu Thai Party’a nominee. As the leading party in the current coalition government, Pol. Gen. convinces the Bangkokians that if elected, his cooperation with the government will be smooth like a seamless clothes.]

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