Weekly News Magazines, January 10, 2014

Nation Weekend_10 Jan 2014

From Nation Weekend, January 10, 2014
Cover reads: the ‘Person’ (who can) close the game still stands tall challenging
[Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha as army commander is considered ‘the game closer’ in the present political controversy. The armed forces are a significant factor for victory if either side can convince it to take their side. The article refers to a high-ranking source in the army that the army’s ‘Strategic Operational Unit’ resolved that the army’s role in this conflict will be maintaining and restoring peace in case of any violent clash between the two sides of people or between protesters and other government officers, such as the police. This is a casting of the military in its traditional, self-appointed role as a protector of Thai “unity.”]

Matichon_10 Jan 2014

From Matichon Weekly, January 10, 2014
Cover reads: Shut Down, an invitation for a ‘coup’
[Reference is to criticism from the Pheu Thai Party and Red Shirts that the shutdown of Bangkok as well as pressure from the independent organizations such as the constitution court is aimed at provoking the armed forces into staging a coup.]

ASTV Manager_11 Jan 2014

From ASTV Manager Weekly, January 11, 2014
Cover reads: Chong Cao, now what?
[Reference is to political situation which is developed to another level when Suthep Thuagsuban, secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, announced that the PDR would occupy Bangkok city on January 13.
‘Chong Cao, now what?’ is a question shot at the Army’s commander, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha since the army plays vital role in this conflict. ‘Chong Cao’ is a Chinese medicinal herb used for impotence. It was mentioned in an audio clip between Thaksin Shinawatra and deputy defense minister Yutthasak Sasiprapha.
In the clip, Thaksin said that he truly trusted in Gen. Prayuth leading to speculation that the military would side with Thaksin and allow his return. Since that time, anti-Thaksin outlets such as the Manger Group have been attacking Prayuth for being a traitor to the nation.]

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