Weekly News Magazines, January 1-8, 2016


From Manager Weekly, January 2-8, 2016
Main cover reads: Hello ๒๕๕๙ [the year 2016] [white] A pig monster [yellow] eating the country
Top right: Today an influence of [green] ‘fat man’ is beyond so-called [yellow] ‘big’ [white] and will be reach to [red] ‘supreme power.’ [white] Due to this, we may call Thailand is eaten by [green] a pig monster’ almost totally.
[The pig monster is Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan. This refers to the power of the Deputy PM Prawit who plays behind the scenes of the junta government. Even though PM Prayuth has his power to decide things, he frequently seeks advice from the Deputy PM Prawit who also has comparable power in the military and politics.
The cover compares him to a celestial monster believed, in Buddhism, to cause eclipses by eating the sun and the moon which will lead to the bad luck. However, Prawit is a fat man so the magazine calls him it calls a “pig monster” instead of a “celestial monster.”]


From Matichon Weekly, January 1-7, 2016
Main cover reads: Hello [yellow] the year of the monkey
Hello [red] celestial monster
[The cover implies it will be a very tough year ahead for the junta due to several problems waiting for them to solve, such as the economy, the Rajabhakti Park scandal, and corruption. This also reference Buddhist mythology and the celestial monster believed to cause eclipses by eating the sun and the moon. This will cause the people bad luck.]


From Nation Weekend, January 1, 2016
Main cover reads: ‘The PM is funny.’
Top right: Happy New Year ๒๕๕๙ [year of 2016]
[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. Refers to PM Prayuth’s sometimes odd leadership. Although he looks very aggressive when answers the media, he sometimes acts very funny. Due to this, there is a hashtag on Thai social media that ‘the PM is very funny.’]

[There was no weekly magazine for Lokwannee for this week.]

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