Weekly News Magazines: Her Majesty Queen’s birthday, June, 2019

From Manager Weekly, June 1-7, 2019
Main cover reads: Long Live the Queen. [Refers to the celebration of Her Majesty Queen Suthida’s birthday on June 3. His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn named her as his Queen on May 1.]
Bottom left: “Our duty in life is to repay the motherland.” Well-respected Privy Council “Pa Prem”
[Refers to Gen Prem Tinsulanonda, the Privy Council president and statesman, who passed away due to heart failure on May 26 at the age of 98. The quote is a famous saying by Prem.]
Middle: Democrat-Palang Pracharath Count down for the end.
[Refers to the formation of a coalition led by pro-junta party Palang Pracharath to form the government. The Democrat Party disappointed its supporters after breaking its promise not to join the pro-junta groups.]

From Matichon Weekly, June 1-6, 2019
[Image celebrating Her Majesty Queen Suthida’s birthday on June 3.]

From Lokwannee, June 1-7, 2019
Main cover reads: When it comes to breeding season
Left: Keep raising the price. They really want it. No matter what, they will accept it.
Right: Really?
[Refers to two king-maker parties Bhumjaithai and the Democrats. The cover ridicules the bargaining that is going on as these two minor parties that failed in the elections by winning very few seats are now able to drive hard bargains with the junta to join their coalition. The cover imagines the parties as prostitutes that must be paid for their services.]

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