Weekly News Magazines: Grilling Prayuth, September, 2019

From Manager Weekly, September 3-13, 2019
Main cover reads: Don’t you sympathize with me?
[Refers to a well-known political fortune teller predicting PM Prayuth will maintain his power for eight years. Such predictions are usually front page news in Thailand and reflects the current wisdom–in this case that the former junta, despite its missteps, has cemented itself into power. This cover mocks this rosy prediction as PM Prayuth has endured withering attacks by the opposition, investigations of his government, and an embarrassing lack of loyalty from government coalition partners.]
Top: Disclose every issue [orange] “Sondhi” was released. No order-not related to politics. Everything complies with the [orange] “law”
[Refers to ex-boss of the Manager media group Sondhi who was released from prison after more than three years due to violating securities and stock market laws. He insisted that the release was in compliance with the law not due to influence or a close relationship with the government.]
Bottom left: [Yellow] Han Kwang-Song Juventus’s football player
[Refers to North Korean football player Han Kwang-Song who recently joined famous football team Juventus. He is the first North Korean football played to play in the Italian Serie A League.] Right: “Can’t find any voice like this”
[Refers to singer Maj. Gen. Prapas, a retired soldier who known for his singing voice. His renditions of old Thai songs can be heard in many Thai soap operas. The quote is from a compliment from former PM M.R. Kukrit Pramoj.]

From Lokwannee, September 6-13, 2019
Main cover reads: The floods are increasing, hurry up to fetch water.
[Refers to the Thai proverb “the water is increasing, hurry up to fetch it” meaning that there is an opportunity and you need to grab it quickly. The headline is sarcastic meaning that politicians are using the current flood situation to increase their popularity as well as request budget increases to prevent floods in the future.]

From Matichon Weekly, September 6-12, 2019
Main cover reads: ‘Chuan’ Sappaya
[Refers to PM Prayuth who will be grilled in parliament over his incomplete oath of office when he omitted the line about abiding by the constitution. This cover praises House Speaker Chuan Leekpai, a government ally, for doing his duty by scheduling the debate and requiring the PM for attend the session. This is consequential because PM Prayuth is the former junta head that overthrew the elected government. As a military man he has displayed that he is not used to being criticized or investigated. Although Chuan’s Democrat Party is part of the ruling government coalition parties, he is doing the nonpartisan, democratic part of his job by setting the debate and requiring the PM to face questioning. The word “Sappaya” is the name of the new parliament building–‘Sappaya-saphasathan” meaning a place where one should do good things.]
Top: Drought gone–storms are coming; ‘Debts’ flood higher to the half level of houses. Economy down–Politics in chaos; “Metal ship” was interrupted.
[Refers to PM Prayuth’s government which is now facing the several issues such as natural disasters, growing household deb, economic slowdown as well as political instability within its own coalition. “Metal ship” was first mention by Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-gnam as he compared PM Prayuth’s elected government to a big strong ship that was powerful enough to carry out the duties of the government for the country and the people.]

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