Weekly News Magazines: Govt Stability, July, 2019

From Manager Weekly, July 13-19, 2019 Main cover reads: Surely longer
On the boat: Cabinet [yellow] Prayuth 2

[Refers to PM Prayuth and the struggle it took to form his cabinet. Critics are hoping for a quick collapse of the government and new elections. However, many analysts are confident that the new government will be able to serve out its term.]
Top: Very active in the local–intense in Bangkok [red] “Narongsak” vs “Chatchat” [black] Prove who will stronger in the land

[Refers to the coming local elections, particularly the election of the new Bangkok Governor. This year will highlight competition between the Pheu Thai Party and Palang Pracharat.
Younger generation politician Chatchat is thought to be the candidate of the Pheu Thai Party. It is rumored that Palang Pracharat is wanting to send Nan Province Governor Narongsak to run for governor in Bangkok. Narongsak became a national celebrity for his professional and effective management during rescue of the football team trapped in a cave when he was Chiang Rai governor.]

From Matichon Weekly, July 12-18, 2019
Main cover reads: No one [yellow] wants to see [orange] “us” look better
[Refers to the Future Forward Party’s key figures, Thanathorn and Pannika, who recently have been criticized, especially by pro-royal and pro-Prayuth groups, due to their past political stances. Thanathorn and Pannika have become very popular among young people who are sick of old-style politics and dictatorship.
The headline means that they are surprisingly popular and everyone is jealous of this popularity.]
Top: Lock ‘Uttama’ as the first queue for a motion of no-confidence in a case of Krungthai lending. Be careful, it may affect “Prayuth.”
[Refers to Palang Pracharath Party leader Uttama who will face a motion of no-confidence during the coming parliament meeting due to the 2003 Krungthai Bank lending scandal.]

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