Weekly News Magazines: Getting ready for elections, February, 2019

From Lokwannee, February 15-22, 2019

Main cover reads: Look at the hand… all enlightened people lied news or rumor?

[Refers to the Buddhist teaching calling people to have consciousness about whatever they are doing. This cover sarcastically warns “enlightened people” to be conscious about what news they receive amid the intense competition for the coming election. This pro-Thaksin magazine would particularly be referring to pro-junta voters whoa re derided as people who think they know everything. There is no verb in the headline, but we think it is a warning or admonishment to the pro-junta voters who might easily believe lies and rumors that benefit the junta. Many groups are trying to spread false news to discredit or disadvantage others.]

From Matichon Weekly, February 15-22, 2019

Main cover reads: Clear path?

[Refers to the political future of PM Prayuth who is expected to remain PM again after the election. After the surprise nomination of a royal for its PM candidate, it is expected that the pro-Thaksin party Thai Raksa Chart will be disbanded and some are afraid that the Pheu Thai, also controlled by Thaksin, may be dissolved as well. This cover is asking that, even if those parties are dissolved, can PM Prayuth be certain he can remain PM? Prayuth is making the old-fashioned gesture of one posing for a photograph.]

Top: From #Chatchat #nationalmother-in-law to #Falovesdad; Hashtag can change political power?

[Refers to the popular hashtags on social media. “Fa loves Dad” (#Falovesdad) refers to the leader of Future Forward party Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit.
This hashtag comes from the famous saying in Thai drama Doksom Seethong when the word “dad” is a secret word refer to a man who a lady named Fa is having an affair with. To avoid people knowing this, she called her lover “dad.” So the hashtag means people are in love with Thanathorn.
#nationalmother-in-law refers to the Pheu Thai’s Sudarat becoming prime minister. During the campaign season Sudarat was seen campaigning with her daughter. Her daughter quickly became the talk of the town for her beauty and loveliness. Thus #nationalmother-in-law, jokingly means people want to marry Sudarat’s daughter and have Sudarat as PM.]

From Manager Weekly, February 16-22, 2019

Main cover reads: Same parties = Same guilt

Logos from left to right: PT; Pheu Thai Party; TRC; Thai Raksa Chart; Pheu Chat party

[Refers to pro-Thaksin parties consisting the Pheu Thai party led by Sudarat and Chatchat (left), Thai Raksa Chart party led by Preechaphol Pongpanit (middle behind Thaksin), Pheu Chart party led by Songram Kitlertphairoj (right) and supported by Jatuporn.
This headline seeks to connect these parties–which were split out from the Pheu Thai for a number of reasons–and have them all share blame for the shock nomination of Princess Ubolratana, HM the King’s eldest sister, by the Thai Raksa Chart Party.]

Top: Passing through all criticism “Thailand’s most black Pretty” Very proud to have “face-skin” only–one person like this in the world

[Refers to Malai Bumroongsri who has become a well-known pretty (or spokesperson-model) at several Thai and international events. Normally, “pretties” have very fair or white skin. However, dark-skinned Malai has become a top pretty in Thailand.]

Bottom left: Learning a lesson of “jail” from the leaders of PAD; Ways of the “warrior” are not the fortune of losers.

[Refers to six former leaders of the yellow-shirt People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) which recently were sentenced by the Supreme Court to eight months in jail for seizing Government House in 2008. Those include (left to right) Sondhi Limthongkul, Chamlong Srimuang, Pipob Thongchai, Suriyasai Katasilam, Somkiat Pongpaibul, and Somsak Kosaisuk. The headline means that the jailed PAD leaders should be respected since they were fighting against Thaksin’s authoritarianism and submitted to the legal system for their actions–something that Thaksin would never do.]

Middle: Forgotten member?? Piam BNK48? 2-month suspend from work. Ota doesn’t Ok.

[Refers to a member of famous girl group BNK 48, Rinrada ‘Piam’ Inthaisong. Recently, Piam was suspended from work for two months due to depression.]

Right: Disclose an eating secret with a formula 2:1:1 reduce a belly without diet.

[Refers to a new diet.]

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