Weekly News Magazines, February 8, 2014

Nation Weekend_7 Feb

From Nation Weekend, February 8, 2014
Cover reads: Side-taking battlefield; Ahingsuan…now what?
[“Ahingsa” is altered from the world Ahimsa, which is pronounced “Ahingsa” in Thai. “Ahimsa” is the principle of nonviolence toward all living things. “Suan” by itself here means “counter.” So “Ahingsuan” is understandably intended to convey the meaning of a counter-attack by the people who fight by way of Ahimsa.
Reference is to the current political tension arising from the on-going protest against the Pheu Thai government that is accused of being corrupt. Both sides have been seeking alliance from the armed forces and the army in particular. “Ahingsuan” refers to the firings and counter-firings between the Pathum Thani Red Shirt group and the protesters led by monk Budha Issara at a Laksi intersection on February 1. During the incident, a group of seven men fired back at the Red Shirts. From a heavy arms used by one of these men, it is speculated that they may been part of the armed forces.]

Matichon Weekly_7 Feb

From Matichon Weekly, February 8, 2014
Cover reads: Downward, leading by monk
At bottom-right corner: By elevator or stairs? Heh heh
[Reference is to decision of the People’s Democracy Reform Committee with Suthep Thuagsuban as its secretary to move protesters from Ladprao intersection and the Victory Monument to Lumpini Park. Meanwhile the PDRC reasoned that the decision was made based on concern over the protesters’ safety regarding frequent attacks at both sites, the article commented that such move is evidence of the downward trend of the PDRC in terms of the number of people supporting its rallies.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_8 Feb

From ASTV Manager Weekly, February 9, 2014
Cover reads: Itipisuan
[The word “Itipisuan” is altered from the name of a Buddhist type of prayer called “Itipiso.” “Suan” has many meanings in Thai. In this context it means “counter”.
Reference is to the shooting on February 1 at Laksi district between Red Shirts supporting the Pheu Thai Caretaker Government and a group of anti-government protesters led by the monk Buddha Issara. The confrontation led to an exchange of gunfire. However, it is still unclear who the men were who exchanged fire with the Red Shirts.]

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