Weekly News Magazines, February 5-12, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, February 5-11, 2016
Main cover reads: Contingency plan for the NCPC

[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. Refers to the new draft constitution created by CDC head Meechai. Meechai said that if the draft is rejected, an interim constitution will be used as the next constitution. This has sparked speculation as the the nature of this backup charter.]

Top right: 99-year land leasing. Being sincere or Kai-u

[A man in the picture is Maj-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd, government spokesperson. His nickname is Kai-u.
Refers to the plan to amend the land-leasing act to allow foreigners to lease the land for up to 99 years. Maj.-General Sansern insisted the government’s intention to amend the act is to attract the foreign investment–not to sell out the country’s assets to foreigners.]


From Nation Weekend, February 5, 2016
Main cover reads: A scar of morality

[The woman in the picture is Dr. Dolrudee Jumlongras.
Refers to Dr. Dolrudee Jumlongras, a dentist who refused to repay her scholarship loan causing her guarantors to have to pay her loan instead. Social media reported her story to Harvard, her workplace. However, there was no action from Harvard. Meanwhile, after being pressured by the public, Mahidol University plans to use legal to recollect the debt from her.]


From Lokwannee, February 6-12, 2016
On chalkboard: = NCPO gets out [meaning if the people reject both draft constitutions it means they are rejecting the junta and the military]
Main cover reads: This equation… is a bet.
In the red circle: Special edition [yellow] Collecting of the articles criticizing the draft constitution version by Meechai

[Refers to the new draft constitution written by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) headed by Meechai Ruchuphan. A number of groups, including the Red Shirts, have called on the public not to accept this draft.
On the board at the left, two constitution plinths are upside down indicating that both last year’s and this year’s charters must be rejected as a way of rejecting military rule.]


From Manager Weekly, February 6-12, 2016
Main cover reads: Give me three words… (already broke up) Love [black] like [pink] a friend

[The couple on the cover is Ex-PM Chuan’s son Pleum and his wife Tubtim.
This refers to the splitting of famous teenage celeb Pleum from his wife Tubtim. They both were known as a host of a well-known teenager TV programme named ‘VRZO’ which has a famous phrase… ‘give us three words’ about a certain subject. Pleum made his announcement about their relationship and gave a reason of their divorce because they felt like they were just friends rather a husband and wife.]

Top right: “Dolrudee” [black] Having a happy life in….[red] Harvard

[The woman is Harvard-dentist Dr. Dolrudee Jumlongras.
Her allegedly refused to repay her scholarship loan and is living her life in the US as a dentist at Harvard. Meanwhile, her guarantors in Thailand were forced to pay her 30-million baht education loan. Due to a strong pressure from the public, Mahidol University planned to use legal means force her to repay these debts.]

Bottom: “I’m worthless” [green] ‘Big Tu’ [black] mourns. Doing good things but no one realizes it.

[The man in the photo is PM Prayuth. This refers to PM Prayuth complaining to the press that they did not have trust in him that he was doing good things for the country.]

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