Weekly News Magazines, February 3-17, 2017

From Matichon Weekly, February 3-9, 2017
Main cover picture: Mr. Deal

[Refers to a reconciliation plan led by Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan. Deputy PM Prawit is believed to be working behind the scenes with various political parties to accept the junta’s reconciliation plan.]

Top right: Namtan ‘sweet’ million views. The victory of the loser.

[Refers to Miss Thailand Universe Chalida ‘Namtan’ Suansane. Although she did not win Miss Universe, she was very popular in social media. All her clips posted through the social media had millions of views. “Namtan” means “sweet.”]

From Nation Weekend, February 3, 2017
Main cover reads: Secrets, Trickery and Camouflage. Underground radio on the [other] side of the Mekong

[Refers to the Federated Thai State underground radio station which is run by an anti-monarchy revolutionary group. This group is in Laos and broadcasts anti-monarchy programs to Thailand. This group is composed of hardcore Red Shirts and pro-Thaksin activists who fled to to exile in Laos to avoid arrest.
Implicit in the insistence that Thaksin be pardoned is a veiled threat that revolutionary opposition to the monarchy can be fomented if Thaksin is not treated fairly. Red Shirt media nearly always includes allusions to historical incidents of peoples’ movements overthrowing monarchies.
Recently, Laos’ defense minister visited Thailand and Deputy PM Prawit expressed his concerned about Laos allowing revolutionary groups to operate there. This is thought to mean that Laos will crack down on the revolutionary groups operating on their soil.]

Top-right: Tears of ‘Namtan’ and the crown strategy

[Refers to Miss Thailand Universe Chalida ‘Namtan’ Suansane who competed in the Miss Universe pageant. The article is about how to win the hearts of people and the competition.]

From Manager Weekly, February 4-10, 2016
Main cover reads: Reconciliation-bribery [black] Ask [red] ‘Jae’

[Refers to Thaksin’s sister Yaowapa Wongsawat whose nickname is Dang. “Jae” is a Chinese word meaning as big sister. Thus she is called “Jae Dang” by the media to imply she is the older sister of Thaksin and thus a powerful political player. She has been accused of benefiting from the rice pledging scheme and other related bribery issues including the Rolls-Royce scandal.
She is thought to be a key person to realize the junta’s reconciliation plan as Thaksin’s family would have to spread money around to placate the Red Shirt leaders who have risked so much for Thaksin. They would then also have to placate Red Shirt followers and get them to participate in the reconciliation.
The title also implies that Yaowapa is not interested in reconciliation, but only the enrichment of her own family.
For the translation ‘ถามเจ๊ดูสิ’ is is something like ‘ask ‘Jae’? The word ‘ดูสิ’ means ‘let’s ask her.’]

Top: Secret reconciliation deal part 3. Combine-Touch on

[Refers to the reconciliation plan led by Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwong. This plan will be the third reconciliation plan since Thaksin was overthrown in a coup in 2006.]

Bottom left: Don’t you dare! Niece of [yellow] ‘Pat’ [white] beautiful and hard slap [yellow] ‘Naff’ is very hot.

[Refers to Naff, Napapa ‘Patt’ Tantrakul’s niece. She and Patt were in the news about having a fight with a woman who was the new girlfriend of Patt’s ex-boyfriend.]

Right: Difficulty which has to pass. To cheer up ‘Patt Napapa’

[Refers to Actress Napapa ‘Patt’ Tantraku’s life and recent pregnancy. Her husband, Benz Racing, is accused of being involved with the money-laundering drug network of Xaysana Keophimpha.]

From Lokwannee, February 11-17, 2017
Main cover reads: #Release Pai [small] 30 media organizations don’t forget to fight for people’s freedom
On the smoke below: Reform the justice [system]. Reform the military. Reform media. etc.

[This cover calls on the media to fight for the release of political student activist Pai Dao Din who was jailed for forwarding and commenting on a BBC article deemed insulting to the monarchy.
The cover implies that while the media and other organizations have called for reform for many issues (often echoing the junta’s calls for reform), they should not forget about ensuring the freedom of the people as well.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Main cover reads: Reconciliation-bribery [black] Ask [red] ‘Jae’ => Looking at the silhouette with spectacles, it would be more likely EE Photjamarn rather than red dragon lady though and ASTV keeps accusing EE Photjamarn is the mastermind behind Rolls Royce Scandals – the vendetta of Ai maew and EE Photjamarn once they have learnt that those Thai Inter Union would never allow this evil couple to turn Thai Inter into their private possession. Red Dragon lady is wearing different kind of glasses with very different hair style though.

    Main cover reads: Secrets, Trickery and Camouflage. Underground radio on the [other] side of the Mekong => after the failure of CPT to turn Thailand into communist regime with 4 federated states, those remnants of CPT now has to come up with with the new version of the new regime – Federated of Thai states as the new republican regime with 11 states as the various demands of different regions have rendered the original ideas of 4 states obsolete. They would not revive 18 Monthons as 18 states since it belongs to the ancient regime though. They hope that the new federated republican regime would attract more supports from Uncle Sam though after the communist regime has been fallen out of favor after 1991.

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