Weekly News Magazines, February 26-March 4, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, February 26-March 3, 2016
Main cover reads: He [red] wants to stay longer

[The man is former head of the Constitution Drafting Committee Borwornsak Uwanno. Refers to former head of the Constitution Drafting Committee Borwornsak Uwanno whose draft constitution was rejected last year. Recent comments from him and from other junta officials predict a 3-5 year period of military control even after the next elections. The joke of the cover is that it is clear now that the rejection of draft constitution last year was intended to further prolong junta rule.]

Top right: ‘Big’ temptress person is coming. [white] Thaksin Shinawatra ‘let’s negotiate.’

[The man is Thaksin. Refers the latest call by Thaksin who criticized the draft constitution and called for the junta to negotiate with him. However, the junta turned down his request and called on him to return to Thailand to serve his prison sentence first. The mocking headline and tone of the article is that, in the past, Thaksin’s activities could shake the junta or the Red Shirts. However, it is becoming clear that many groups believe his influence has declined.]


From Nation Weekend, February 26, 2016
Main cover reads: Putting up the sign of ‘semi-democracy’

[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. Refers to the junta led by PM Prayuth showing the intention of creating a semi-democracy through its draft constitution and other strategy plans for the reform of the country. The draft constitution and the 20-year national strategic plan are criticized as the tools for extending the junta’s power.]

Top: Talking from abroad. Disclosing the signal sent by [yellow] Maew. [white] Call for anti-NCPO movement.

[The photo shows Thaksin (nicknamed “Maew”) giving an interview to the foreign media. In his interview, he criticized the draft constitution and called for negotiation with the junta. However, the Thai-language mostly reported that his influence has drastically declined and his commnets received little acknowledgment from the junta.]


From Lokwannee, February 27-March 4, 2016
Main cover reads: 10 years passed… still (be) haunted

[The ghost is Thaksin and the small pot is a container used to keep the spirit of a ghost in Thai folklore.
This cover illustrates that the junta cannot get rid of Thaksin so it prevents Thai politics from moving forward. The article contends the junta is afraid to whenever Thaksin makes a move. This viewpoint (from a pro-Thaksin publication) contrasts with all of the other media responses to Thaksin’s latest PR push which contend Thaksin’s influence has ebbed in the face iron-fisted army resolve to outlast him.]


From Manager Weekly, February 27-March 4, 2016
Main cover reads: #very sexy

[The man on the cover is Brunei’s Prince Matten Bolkiah. He has become very famous in Thailand as many follow him on his Instagram account. Some posted inappropriate words on his account. This led to criticism among Thai people about improper behavior on social media.]

At the top: Nok [white] its wings have already broken, but “Patee” still stands and dares challenges.

[Refers to the situation of Thai low cost airline ‘Nok Air’ which is now cancelling many flights due to a pilot strike. Amid the problems inside the airline, CEO of Nok Air Patee Sarasin used his social media to criticize the pilots who walked off the job.]

At the bottom: Clear signal [green] ‘Tu’ [white] will stay longer for the transformation. Foreign media believes [red] Maew [white] has a dark future.

[Thaksin is on the left and PM Prayuth is on the right. Refers to the signal from the junta, led by PM Prayuth (nicknamed “Tu”) that now they are preparing a 20-year national strategic plan believed to help extend the junta’s power. Thaksin’s latest interviews with foreign media did not receive any attention from junta or the Red Shirts.]

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