Weekly News Magazines, February 24, 2012

From Nation Weekend, February 24, 2012
The cover reads: Did not cry, [but] it did not mean not [I am not] hurt
[The article discusses the consequence of the secret meeting between PM Yingluck and Mr. Sarttha Taveezin that raised many questions. Even though PM has tried to explain that her private meeting was a honest and sincere one (meaning it was not part of special collusion between government and business), it appeared that her explanation did not help as there were still many questions being thrown at her.]

From Matichon Weekly, February 24, 2012
The cover reads: Emergency decrees ‘New World Development?’ – Charter ‘Disaster?’
[The article discusses the successful Constitutional Court on the two executive financial decrees made by the government. It says PM Yingluck was relieved because it is a golden opportunity for her and the government to employ these decrees to build up a good reputation for them.
However, the amendment Article 291 of the charter will not be easily sail through parliament. This is because apart from the Democratic Party who will strongly oppose the amendment, there will also be many organizations that disagree with the amendment as well.]

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