Weekly News Magazines, February 21, 2014

Nation Weekend_21 Feb

From Nation Weekend, February 21, 2014
Cover reads: The mediator… that must be watched!?; Mobilize sickles to bring down the star [Reference is to the demonstration on February 19 of rice farmers. Chada Thaiseth, a former Chartthaipattana Party MP for Uthai Thani, who is leading the group actually voted for the Thaksin amnesty, but also was disgruntled because the Pheu Thai ran a candidate against him in his district and he lost. So the headline implies his motives are not pure.
“Mobilize sickles to bring down the star” refers to the rice farmers who gather in Bangkok demanding the government pay them.]

Matichon Weekly_21 Feb

From Matichon Weekly, February 21, 2014
Cover reads: Bourgeoisie taking advantages, dividing people’s classes
[Reference is to Suthep Thuagsuban, secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), offering aides to the rice farmers who travel to Bangkok to demand the caretaker government to pay them the money they should have earned from pledging their paddy rice under the government’s populist policy. Suthep marched along the city’s streets and collected 25 million baht. The article alleges that the PDRC’s collections are cynical as most of people donating to the PDRC are the rich from the South and from Bangkok.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_22 Feb

From ASTV Manager Weekly, February 22, 2014
Cover reads: Nearly there… who’ll be whacked first?
On left mango: Thong Dam [‘Dam’ means black in Thai. In this context it’s used to refer Suthep Thuagsuban because he has dark skin.]
On right mango: Raed [Slutty]
In yellow circle: Don’t miss… Good Health inside.
At bottom: Phanpiphob Lila; Phanfa Lilat [Names of two bridges on Ratjadamnoen Avenue]
[‘Mango’ comes from Suthep Thuagsuban’s speech at an anti-government rally. Suthep borrowed a term from Thirayuth Bonnmee, a famous academic who said that from the current situation the caretaker government is like a ripe mango–menaing it will soon fall. Suthep added that the protesters don’t have to do anything, merely wait for it to fall.
The shooting reference refers to a legion of rumors alleging that teams of sharpshooters from both sides have been sent out to kill both the prime minister and Suthep.]

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