Weekly News Magazines, February 14, 2014

Nation Weekend_14 Feb

From Nation Weekend, February 14, 2014
Cover reads: Love rice farmers
[According to the article the government’s failure to sell rice in the world market because of the unrealistically high price and widespread corruption in every step of the project the government had struggled to find money to pay for the rice farmers. The problem became worse after the parliament was dissolved and the then government’s status reduced to a caretaker government because of its limited authority. Currently, the Caretaker Government owes 130 billion baht. To date, 11 farmers committed suicide because of lack of payments. Rice farmers across the country, therefore, decided to demonstrate demanding the Caretaker Government pay them.]

Matichon Weekly_14 Feb

From Matichon Weekly, February 14, 2014
Cover reads: One question, million answers
[Reference is to suggestion from some public figures, such as M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula, an economist and former deputy prime minister and finance minister in the interim civilian government during 2006-2007, that the Caretaker Government led by the Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra should resign from the Caretaker-ship so that a neutral government can be formed. This one question/suggestion leads to million answers because it’s almost impossible to find ‘neutral’ people to form a ‘neutral’ government that will be accepted by every party.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_15 Feb

From ASTV Manager Weekly, February 15, 2014
Cover reads: Alas Thai rice farmers
Left column, from top: Rising costs – fertilizer, insecticide, fuel; Cheated by rice millers/government – 15,000 baht payment delayed by 6 months, cheating scales, price deduction for dampness, buying for 5,000-6,000 baht/ton (still unpaid); BAAC [Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives] doesn’t have money – the government hasn’t paid yet, commerce ministry hasn’t sold the rice, 19 million tons remain in stock, G-to-G [government-to-government deal] with China is fake; Thaksin [Shinawatra] thinks, Poo [nickname of the Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra] gets it done, the sister [Yaowapha Wongsawat, sister of Thaksin] becomes rich, Ame, Ung Ing [Pinthongtha and Phaethongthan, two Thaksin daughters] travel abroad.
Right column, from top: No banks lend because of: the government’s incredible status; no trustworthiness, customers flock for withdrawal; new round of economic crisis; Solutions: borrow from loan sharks with 20% interest rates; sell property – rice fields, buffaloes, trackers; committing suicide (10 did so far): The government’s devilish plots and plans – set rice warehouses on fire, divide the rice farmers [turn them against each other], blame the protesters and banks, conspire with the Krung Thai Bank to grant loans to rice millers and traders
[Reference is to the Pheu Thai government’s rice pledging project. The project has been opposed and criticized for corruption. Also, the government has failed to sell the rice and is not able to pay farmers.]

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One Response to Weekly News Magazines, February 14, 2014

  1. Wiz says:

    Propaganda in 2011 now coming back to haunt Yignlux in 2014

    Yinglux and her hubby on I-Taen vs I-Taek

    No need for hostage – just bodyguard betrayal will bring down the Shinnawatra clan for good.
    This is the reprisal after the assassination plans on judges and their families, Big Too and his family, and PDRC leaders by snipers
    have been leaked … After the latest irresponsible alibi by Ai Pueng and CMPO leaders including police top brasses, many police
    felt disillusioned with their bosses to the point that they just simply either go back to their bases – never return to CMPO or joining
    PDRC Police faction led by Pol Gen Wasit Dejkunchorn of Siam Spring and other good police top brasses. Many of those police
    are going to bring bodyguard betrayal to Yinglux and her family along with her clans – at the time being, they have becoem spies
    to track down Shinnawatra – Wongsawat clan and wiat for the right time to bring the final downfall to them.

    After the failure to make a landing at Government House after Phan Fah showdown and the way court has rendered emergency decree toothless, Ai Maew gone mad at Ai Chaloem has ordered his UDD leaders to bring at least 10000 UDD men to storm BKK even though they actually got only about 500 viable UDD hard core men and women under control of PT men including.
    1. Mr Hua Nang of Nakhon Phanom
    2. Mr Ian of Chaiyaphum
    3. Mr. Dice of Khon Kaen
    4. Mr. Kriang of Ubon
    5. Ai Koh Tee and Pol Sgt Maj Prasit
    6. Mr Ni of Roy Ed
    7. Mr Phanom and Mr Su of Udonthani as Ai Kwanchai is now crippled by bullets of those thugs in Khaki who has gone mad that
    Ai Kwanchai failed to transfer him into the better place
    8. Rambo Isan – Khorat

    Those UDD men of Isan are now in Ayutthaya facilitated by Mr Chet and Ai Watthaya – and armed them with bombs, rifles as
    Mr Dice are cooerdinating with Ai Too and Comrade Poon – ready for operation on 22 Feb 2014 — and at the same day,
    80 UDD leaders including Ai Koh Tee of Pathum Thani, Warrant offer Chit of Chiang Mai, Colonel Soo, Ai Yim, Ai Tom and
    Mr Dachai along with their guards with full arms are heading to restaurants to set up Muan Maha Prachachon Ta Sawang
    (Mass who open their eyes) – yet, those armed force are going to cut them down – esp with the popcorn with both silencer and
    effective ranges of 1200-2400 meter – no hope to get 7.5 million Baht compensation since there will be the final removal of
    shinnawatra clan for good by bodyguard betrayal.

    Yinglux’ speech that if PT men becoming governemnt, the payment of rice pledge will be more facilitated – and EC going to prosecute her – party dissolution

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