Weekly News Magazines, February 12-19, 2016

13_19 feb manager

From Manager Weekly, February 13-19, 2016
Main cover reads: My disciple [white] no one can touch him, naja.

[The monks in the picture are Somdet Phra Maha Ratchamangalacharn or Somdet Chuang and the abbot of Dhammakaya temple, Dhamachayo.
Somdet Chuang, chairman of the Sangha Supreme Court and nominee for supreme patriarch, has allegedly tried to protect Dhamachayo from being defrocked since they have a close relationship.
Dhamachayo always says “naja” at the end of his sentences so this is referenced in the headline. “Naja” and “naka” is a word for females to use at the end of a sentence to make it polite.
Thais often mock feminine or androgynous affectations and here the headline has Somdet Chuang using Dhamachayo’s trademark feminine speech.]

Top right: #teamtuptim   #teampleum, deeply revealing each others’ stories

[The woman in the picture is Mallika ‘Tub Tim’ Chongwattana. The man is former PM Chuan’s son Surabot ‘Pleum’ Leekpai.
This refers to this young married couple who broke up recently. Each of their friends have started to disclose gossip about the circumstances that led to their split. Tup Tim and Pleaum were a host of TV program for teenagers known as ‘VRZO.’]

Bottom left: Already Charoen. When the tycoon shows their power.

[The man is Thai tycoon and the owner of Beer Chang Charoen Sirivad-habbakdi.
This refers to his deal taking over Big C Supercenter to fulfill his dream of establishing a firm foothold in the ASEAN consumer market.]

Bottom right: End of [pink] ‘Bang Yi’ [white] Team [yellow] ‘Newin’ [white] finished the game.

[A man in the picture is former police chief Somyos, the new president of the Football Association of Thailand.
Refers to the controversial internal problems in the Football Association of Thailand which was under controlling of former president Worawi Makudi (known as “Bang Yi”) for a long time. When a new election was held, Somyos became the new president ending the control of Bang Yi who was banned due to FIFA ethics probe. Somyos had close tie with former MP Newin who now is the owner of the famous Thai football club ‘Buriram United.’]

13_19 Feb_Lokwanee

From Lokwannee, February 6-12, 2016
Main cover reads: Falling leads to fear!
On the left: Injustice… falling.

[Refers to court rulings under the junta. Anti-junta groups claim that the courts have made unfair rulings against Thaksin and his allies.
“Falling” in Thai as used her denotes something that is not meeting expectations as it is in decline or deteriorating.]

1218 feb matichon

From Matichon Weekly, February 12-18, 2016
Main cover reads: Will it be a massive victory in the referendum?
On fingers: Constitution

[This refers to fears that the military will, in some way, force a yes vote on the constitution referendum.]

Top right: Welcome event for ‘PM’ – gravel in army boots

[Refers to the Department of Tourism and Sports spending millions baht of government money to decorate a venue used for a meeting chaired by PM Prayuth.
This headline implies that PM Prayuth is just an ordinary person (“gravel in army boots”) who only has status due to a coup by the military. Therefore, there is no need to fete him as a very special person.]


From Nation Weekend, February 12, 2016
Main cover reads: New power [white] Escape from one tiger and meet another tiger

[A man on the cover is former police chief Somyos Pumpanmuang.
This cover refers to the Thai proverb “escape from a tiger and then meet a crocodile.” This is the same as the English saying “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”
Somyos was elected new president of the Football Association of Thailand succeeding influential former chief Worawi Makudi whom was banned due to a FIFA ethics probe.
Somyos was supported by former MP Newin who is the owner of the famous Thai football team Buriram United.
The story implies that the battle to control Thai football will continue.]

Top: Constitution war [red] ‘Maew’ [black] opens an attack while the NCPC team is fighting back.

[The man is PM Prayuth. Refers to the referendum on the draft new constitution. Thaksin (nicknamed Maew) and the Red Shirts have called the public to reject this draft because it is not democratic. The junta is encouraging people to accept the draft by claiming that the draft is democratic and will help reform the country.]

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