Weekly News Magazines, December 27, 2013

Nation Weekend_27_Dec

From Nation Weekend, December 27, 2013
Cover reads: Checkmate
[Refers to further anti-government rallies to pressure the government.]

Matichon Weekly_27 Dec

From Matichon Weekly, December 27, 2013

ASTV Manager Weekly_28 Dec

From ASTV Manager Weekly, December 28, 2013
Cover reads: Dead ‘Maew’ [‘Maew’ is nickname of Thaksin Shinawatra.]; From top left: ‘Poo’ in exile; ‘Big Too’ could be used; ‘Thuag’ tired; ‘Mark’ unpopular
[We are not sure, but are these outcomes on a fortune telling wheel?]

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  1. Wiz says:

    From ASTV Manager Weekly, December 28, 2013
    Are these outcomes on a fortune telling wheel? -> Prediction from Astrologers Indeed

    Cover reads:

    1) Dead ‘Maew’ [‘Maew’ is nickname of Thaksin Shinawatra.]; – Ai maew’s days in this world are numbered … He is unlikely to come back home alive and being whitewashed again … even his ash in an urn may not be able to come back home.

    2) From top left: ‘Poo’ in exile – even though Yinglux won election, she will have no choice but to live in exile since constitution and anti government and even Thepthueak going to cut her government down

    3) ‘Big Too’ could be used; -> Big too could be fooled [to do something totally wrong] -> case to point is being forced to suppress anti government demonstrator according to Emergency Decree since Yinglux and Police top brasses no longer want police to confront demonstrators so they have to force Big Too to use the troops to suppress demonstrators instead so police can use UDD men to provoke more violence while police are going to send snipers to shoot both anti government demonstrators, Army men, and even UDD agitators ….

    4) ‘Thuag’ tired; – Suthep Theaksuwan (Theapthueak) will have to confront with both war of attrition along with assassination attempts by those thugs in Khaki and UDD men – case to point is 500000 Baht reward from Ai Kwanchai to hunt down Thepthueak and arrest or kill him.

    5) ‘Mark’ unpopular- the star alignment for Khun mark does not allow him to become Prime Minister again until 2018-9.

  2. Wiz says:

    More details for Ai maew:
    Prediction of BE 2557
    1. Ai Maew heading to death – due to the triple jinx in 2014

    1.1 Astrologer Bhanuwat who used to predict that Ai Maew has to live in exile said Ai maew who was born on Tuesday 26 July 1949 – Year of Earth Bull – Month of Ram Day of snake – a stubborn bull with full
    confidence – just like a bull going across the street – he never give a damn even he got honk – just going forward despite of the fact that his walk causing lots of accidents – no retreat – born on month or ram
    mean very stubbonr ram – and day of snake means he is a very vegreanful man – newver forgive of those who brought him a downfall since his heart has the ghost of cobra which has veagreant nature.
    His facial charactors has shown that he has floating eyes – can head into crematorium sooner that he is supposed to be while he has a nerve to do something nmobody else are dare to do.

    Year 2014 is the 66th year of Ai Maew – not good since the age number ended up with 3 – 6 – 9 are not good – trouble hitting him 100 day before his birthday (31 march 2014) – 4 Feb 2014 is the starting point for Year of ram which is not a good year for Ai maew at all since it is hurting year of Bull. No wonder, Ai Maew insisting the election on Groundhog day of 2014

    Worse still, Year 2014 is the year of wooden horse which is going to hurt Ai Maew who was born in year of earth bull – wood beats earth while his age t- the sickness coming hurt him again, make a wrong decision urn against him again along with the risk of accident – worse still, the stars of Ai Maew subordinates [Ai Too, Ai Moh Weng, Ai ky] all are in trouble – Ai maew will never get what he wants – esp Single party Democracy with American endorsement – and the new regime.

    The worst will be Year 2015 – Ai Maew’s health worsened – easily meet the real end everybody will have to meet one day – even just getting a few assassin’s bullets or accidental bullets will bring him the real end – as Year 2015 is the year of ram will be the year of storm wiping out for the new beginning.

    1.2 Astrologer Bunloed Phairin [Astrologer Senator] who predicts people revolution in Dec 2013 – said Ai maew who was born on Tuesday 26 July 1949 – Year of Earth Bull – Month of Ram Day of snake in Chiang Mai – Year 2014 is not a good year for Ai maew – self contradict – health problem resurface again – Uranus, Moon Node, neptune and mar turning against Ai maew – Ai maew will never get what he wants – esp Single party Democracy with American endorsement – and the new regime due to bad subordinates – after all, the star alignment of Ai Maew implied that he always to evil friends and subordinates who can bring him the real downfall.

    Even the billions dollars of assets now turning against him since he was born when Venus (Assets) and Saturn (subordinates) are in Damning zone. Ai Maew has spent his assets to buy so many people – even Yinglux has been bought to fight to the bitter end along with Big Too, Ai Too, Ai Ten along with UDD leaders, ex CPT men, Watermelon & tomato top brasses – yet those who have been bought have betrayed him – hoarding assets as much as they can while inflicting so much damage on his own reputation. Those subordinates just keep Ai maew doing evil deeds – esp toward those Royalists and even His majesty along with anti government demonstrators … the massive damage indeed. Even with Jupiter which helps him a lot is now in Gemini – not very helpful – while Northern Moon node, Uranus, Mar and Saturn encircling against him. year 2014 is the year Ai Maew better beware on his own health and accidents which can kill him. Travel by plane, his jet may collide with mountains, jungles, seas, or rivers … mafiya are going to cut him down, Ai Qaeda also going to destroy him- ONLY after the Jupiter moved to Cancer on 16 June 2014 will give him some relief since Jupiter in Cancer will help him a lot.

    1.3 Astrologer Bunloed Phairin [Astrologer Senator] who predicts people revolution in Dec 2013 has pointed of that Ai Maew was born at Noon on Tuesday the first waxing moon of the 9th month year of Bull (Tuesday 26 July 1949 – 64 year 5 month) in Chiang Mai has warned that Ai Maew will be fooled before being cut down into pieces by those who betrayed him. His birth day implied that he zodiac in Virgo with mercury which is Labha [wealth] – no wonder, Ai Maew ONLY thinks the ways to get richer and richer – and mercury is control moon – so he has become truly billionaires – Yet the same moon control Sun and then Moon is blacked in Wealth zone – implied that his enormous wealth has brought him lots of troubles – yet – moon – Sun and jupiter heading to Rasee Thawan – becoming Prime Minister – Yet boring at the day closed to New Moon while Jupiter in bad zone mean he has a lot of problems with Dhamma and Morals.

    Year 2014 is the mixed bag – Ai Maew will be Lord of his life – on 16 June 2014 – when Jupiter moved from Gemini to Cancer with Mercury, Moon, and Sun in Baha – success land and women – yet Northern Moon Node has cause him bad health – security – assassins such as mafiya, Al Qaeda and even those who simple want to take reprisal against him who come to hunt him down to the bitter end. Worse, his political movements already hurt himself along with his clan to become hated clan. Star of Subordinates (Saturn) is now in monetary zone in Libra – to loot Ai Maew’s wealth until 26 Nov 2014 until it moved to Scorpio – after all Ai maew has star alingment to associate with evil friends

  3. Wiz says:

    Here is for the rest:

    2. Yinglux has to spend the rest of her life in exile –
    2.1 Astrologer Bhanuwat who used to predict that Ai Maew has to live in exile has predicted that Yinglux who was born on 21 June 1967 (Year of Fire Ram – Month of Fire Horse – Day of Fire Serphent)
    – the ram which has to be scrapgoat with heavy burden of problems – Yinglux will reach 48 on 1 march 2014 according to Chinese astrologer – women with the age ended with 2 – 5 – 8 are bad – whcih made
    her bad decision just like her brother – she gradually made wrong decision one by one to the day million Bankokians turning against her. When UDD men at Hua mark stadium have been ordered to trash
    Ramjhamhaeng students just to cow demonstrators has turned out even more demonstrators. The police – UDD – Khmer mercenaries attack against fellow police who have been sold out, anti government
    demonstrators and even those people around Dindaeng area have turned more and more Bangkokians to go against Yinglux and her PT-UDD men – Yinglux’ stars turnign against her since the early Dec 2013
    while Jan 2014 will be even worse – Yinglux’ health is in trouble and accident can cut her down. In Feb 2014, she must be careful for her decision – esp the case of 2 Feb 2014 election – and the dire
    consequence ensues if she insists to run the election. Wrose still, none of her subordinates are going to bail her out – Year 2013 (Year of snake) is a year of trouble for Ai Chaloem (Year of hog) –
    Ai Plodprasob has very wrong charactor, Thongthong Chantharasuk has black face … One sure thing is the karmic retribution is going to hit Yinglux to the point that she has been forced to spend
    the rest of her life in exile, only come back home as ash in urn unless she has officially stepped down by defying the order of her brother who insists her to stay in power to the bitter end.
    No chance to come back as Prime Minister for another time unless she has to rule Thailand which turned into ash as her stars are in trouble from 2014 to 2016. If she does the right things in that period,
    she still has a chance to go back to Thailand alive and well after years in exile – just being scolded by her elder brothers and elder sisters initially before coming to thanks to her to allow the Shinnawatra clan
    Damaphongse clan and Wongsawat clan to come back to Thailand later. If she does something totally wrong, she will have to pay back heavily – so do the Shinawatra clan Damaphongse clan and
    Wongsawat clan by the vegreant of people.

    2.2 Astrologer Bunloed Phairin [Astrologer Senator] who predicts people revolution in Dec 2013 – Yinglux who was born has predicted that Yinglux who was born on Tuesday 21 June 1967 at 6 PM in Chiang Mai
    (Year of Fire Ram – Month of Fire Horse – Day of Fire Serphent) – with Jupiter on Scorpio – help her a lot but now jupiter is June which is bad for Yinglux – the dead zone – her downfall is imminent – started
    from November 2013 – 16 june 2014 – After that her star will be on ricovered after Jupiter moved to the auspicious zone for 3 years. However, if Yinglux has obeyed the order of Ai maew to run
    Election on Groudhog day of 2014 to established Single party Democracy, the election fraud to establish Single party Democracy will be undoing due the saturn in her zodiac and Uranus in Leo will force
    her to confront with another round of conflicts that force her into the court and she will meet with the real downfall by 16 june 2014.

    Star of her subordinates is saturn which brought her into trouble – as it is in the zone of damning – her subordinates are so insincere – ready to stab her back if they have a chance to do so and the acts of
    her subordinates against political enemies only turning more and more silent majority to joint anti government.

    Stars of Yinglux and Ai maew actally reinfroce with one another – since her zodiac is in Sahatcha [Unuion] with Ai Maew zodiac while the zodiact of Ai Maew is an auspecious to Yinglux – make Yinglux a real
    female billionair – Yet the zodiac and star alignment of Ai maew is going against Star and Zodiac of Thailand – so he cannot stay in power in BKK for long while when he is in power he would inflict lots of
    damage on Thailand to the point that his regime cannot last for long. Even Yinglux’ star alignement is againt star of Thailand – inflicting lots of damage to the point that she cannot stay in Bangkok for long
    while the astrologers have suggested Yinglux to go abroad as well as go along the provinces so often – Red dragon lady also has star alignment like Ai Maew, so she has inflicted lots of damages to Thailand
    like her elder brother. Furthermore, Uranus is making 90 degree on their zodiac which cause AI Maew to become a fugitive – and Yinglux will follow her brother soon as Yinglux’ star alignment is on the dead
    zone ofthe zodiac of Thailand – She may have no choice by to go out of Thailand before 16 June 2014 or she will stay in jail for sure.

    2.3 Astrologer Pinyo point out that Yinglux who was born on Tuesday 21 June 1967 at 6 PM in Chiang Mai uis considered as Wednesday of the 14th waxing moon Year of ram – her star is mar her zodiact is
    scorpio – Mar is in Lapha (auspecious) like Ai Maew – so she has become billionair while mar controlling the Southern Moon Node – the ghost star which is the accellerator to make Yinglux doing some deviated
    things. Saturn aiming at the zodiact mean to beware of accident while Moon has controlled her zodiact that make her act with crocodile tear – love to pretense.

    Jupiter in dead zone – turning those who used to praise her to against her – political turbulende turned from bad to worse – need to wait until 16 June 2014 when Jupiter moved out ot Gemini to be better
    but still have to live in exile – Worse, Northern moon node is in Libra – when the northern moon node moved from Libra to Virgo, it will hit into mar – the star of Yinglux oin Lapha on 30 June 2014 – another
    trouble in both health, wealthor possible assasination while she has lost the power … still have a lot of cases in the court which could turn billionaires into paupers – the star alignment of Yinglux has suggested
    her sto step down from poltiics to make peace with her own life.

    3. Thepthueak still in the war of attrition – exhausted – risk of assassination – Thepthueak star alignment is almost the same as Ai Maew – with exception is that he was born on the day of Canine – canine always grateful to the owner [His Majesty and People].

    4. Big Too being fooled – all due to his own weakness with ladies which would bring him a real trouble with his family – still have to take both sides with a hope that he will be relieved from all troubles on 4 Feb 2014 as he was born on 21 march 1954 in Khorat – year of wooden Horse [unruly horse] on the month of rabbit [6th sense] and the day of rodent [yet a soft top brass] – with support of the Sun [Senior Superiors] and Moon [People] still lots of trouble month of Dec 2014 – to do the right thing or otherwise – However, Big Too better do the right thing by joining with the people but he will be in trouble and paying heavy prices if he has betrayed people.

    5. Khun mark is heading to decline – unlikely to become PM at the time beings – 3 August 1964 at 6.00 AM Newcastle, England Year of Wooden Serpent, Golden ram, and say of wooden monkey – his rising is due to the support of people (Moon). Year 2014 is not a good year for Khun mark – Jupiter in Gemini – not good need to wait until 15 June 2014 when Jupiter moving to cancer effectively on 26 June 2014 – Mars (subordinates of Khun Mark – also the cause of accident) not so good – better think twice – yet he has less chance to get accident – Saturn would not hurt him. even though he got the live in swing up and down

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