Weekly News Magazines, December 21, 2012

Nation Weekend 21 Dec 2012

From Nation Weekend, December 21, 2012
Cover: Journal of teachers in the South, a true story from Yala
[Reference is to the chronic insurgency in the South and the story of a teacher who has taught in Yala for more than 20 years.]

Matichon Weekly_21 Dec 2012
From Matichon Weekend, December 21, 2012
Cover: Poll, ‘changing’ point of Thailand
[This refers to the government’s proposal to amend the 2007 constitution. The government is debating whether to ignore the constitutional court’s ruling that a referendum is required or hold the referendum and risk losing. Amending the constitution has been widely opposed by Thaksin foes who believe that the amendment is intended to provide amnesty to Thaksin.]

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