Weekly News Magazines, December 20, 2013

Nation Weekend_20_Dec

From Nation Weekend, December 20, 2013
Cover reads: Massive Democrats
[Refers to the Democrat Party anti-government rallies.]

Matichon Weekly_20 Dec

From Matichon Weekly, December 20, 2013
Cover reads: 1 man 1 vote still cannot be used with ‘Thai people’
[On the left is Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, former president of National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). On the right is Dr. Seri Wongmontha, a known media personality and academic. Reference is to their recent comments on the 1-man 1-vote electoral method and the contention that this method may not be suitable for Thai society judging from the quality of MPs elected via this method.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_21 Dec

From ASTV Manager Weekly, December 21, 2013
Cover reads: Gotcha!
[The article is about how the Democrat Party is in an awkward position. The on-going protest is led mainly by Suthep Thuagsuban, former MP of the party. If the party resolves to run in the upcoming elections, it conflicts with the rally goals of removing the Shinawatra family from politics as the government would use the election as a referendum on its rewrite of the constitution and amnesty for Thaksin. On the other hand, if the Democrat Party decides to boycott the election, it will be accused of opposing democracy.]

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