Weekly News Magazines, December 2, 2011

From Nation Weekend, December 2, 2011
The cover read: Ting twitter and A-kong SMS
[Ting is Mallika Boonmeetrakul, Democrat Party deputy spokesperson in charge of needling the government on its pledge to follow up on lese majeste issues.

Bangkok Post article: Democrat Party deputy spokesperson Mallika Boonmeetrakul is fast gaining notice and notoriety for her online crusade to rid the web of lese majeste and is now challenging the government to either do more to police YouTube and Facebook or ban them entirely.

This public action on the part of the opposition is to create rifts between the conventional politicians of the Pheu Thai (who are happy to rule without ruffling feathers), the pro-Thaksin camp (who are happy to use lese majeste issues to create pressure for a pardon), and the harder-core Red Shirts (who feel increasingly as if their causes will be forgotten once Thaksin issues are settled).

A-Kong refers to the elderly man sentenced to 20 years for lese majeste SMSes.]

From Matichon Weekly, December 2, 2011
The cover read: Tiger hiding claws.
[It is Thai proverb means cunning–people who are good at something, but don’t show it off. This proverb compares General Pracha to a tiger who tiger who look clam, but is capable of defending himself.]

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