Weekly News Magazines, December 11-18, 2015

11-18 manager

From Manager Weekly, December 11-18, 2015
Main cover reads: Who are they…? [yellow] Now they may be sitting [white] and smiling. Shooting birds.
[The background picture are the statues of the famous kings in Thailand located at the Rajabhakti Park.]
The quote: “Now, there may be [yellow] someone and some groups sitting and smiling [white] because what they try to do is like [yellow] shooting a lot of birds” Udomdej Sitabutr, Deputy Defense Minister
[This refers to the Rajabhakti Park scandal. Gen. Udomdej was an army chief during the construction of the said park. This project has been the talk of the town because of the corruption allegations that have ensnared the junta.]

Bottom left: Real life of [red] ‘Kaimook The voice’ [black] a girl of emergency rescue team with a strong heart.
[Refers to the story of popular Voice Thailand contestant ‘Kaimook.’ Not only good at singing, she is also a member of a volunteer emergency rescue team.]

Bottom right: Democrats fights each other. Aggressive fight against ‘Chai Moo’ – Disclosures from music to garbage truck and water tankers.
[The man is Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand. Refers to the internal conflict inside the Democrat Party. Recently, there was unofficial news that ML Sukhumbhand (nicknamed Chai Moo) was kicked out for the Democrat Party due to his unsatisfying performance as governor and his involvement in corruption-related issues. Many members keep pressuring Abhisit to dismiss ML Sukhumbhand from the party.]


From Matichon Weekly, December 11-17, 2015
Main cover reads: ‘Light’ that can’t be reached.
[The man in the picture is ‘Ja-New’ Sirawith Seritiwat. The cover compares teen activist Ja-New as a light trying to bright up the truth about Rajabhkti Park. He and his group were arrested by the police while trying to rally at the controversial park to call on the junta for a transparent investigation.]

Top right: British ambassador shows ‘elite’ joke. ‘Simple’ but ‘strong’
[The man in the picture is British ambassador Mark Kent. Refers to the ambassador’s tweet about freedom of assembly as Thai police launched an investigation into the US ambassador over a royal defamation complaint.]

nation_11 dec

From Nation Weekend, December 11, 2015
Main cover reads: I know what you are thinking about
[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. Refers to PM Prayuth’s situation right now. Not only does he face the Rajabhkti Park scandal, but his government is also facing economic problems. The reshuffle of the government may be the last solution to solve those issues.]

Left side: Rising star of the East [yellow] ‘Maj Gen. Thammanoon Withee [white] Great partner of ‘Big Moo.’
[Refers to the close relationship between Army commander Gen. Teerachai Nakvanich whose nickname is Moo and Maj Gen. Thammanoon Withee. They are both from Eastern Tiger group.]

Supreme Patriarchs around the world join the last farewell to ‘Supreme Patriarch’
[Refers to the funeral of the late Supreme Patriarch.]

Isan’s Way Foundation for a sustainable Isan
[Refers to the establishment of the Isan’s Way Foundation to promote the understanding about the Northeast region, also known as Isan. This foundation originated from Isan Magazine.]


From Lokwannee, December 12-18, 2015
Main cover reads: If it’s not wrong… why do you have to hide it?
[Refers to Thai idiom, ‘you can’t hide a dead elephant with a locus leaf’ meaning that you cannot not hide your mistakes. This cover aska the junta about the Rajabhakti Park scandal. It urges that if the junta is transparent they do not need to be afraid.]

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