Weekly News Magazines: Coronation, May, 2019

From Manager Weekly, May 11-17, 2019
Main cover reads: I will continue, preserve, and build upon the royal legacy, and to reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the people forever.”

[This is a quote from King Rama X’s speech on his coronation on May 4, 2019.]

From Matichon Weekly, May 10-16, 2019

[Photo of the first public appearance of the King Rama X after his coronation. The King and the Queen, as well as his family, appeared to thousands of people waiting to greet him.]

From Lokwannee, May 10-16, 2019
Main cover reads: A cobra is not dangerous like a green snake

[Thai political slang designates many politicians as “cobra” meaning they easy betray their party to switch to political alliances. As there is very little ideology in Thai politics, there is little beyond self-interest and the desire to be part of a sitting government to keep MPs aligned to any one party.
The cartoonist contrasts these “cobra politicians” with “a green snake” meaning the military, symbolized here as being an old-fashioned thinking dinosaur. The military is accused of pressuring MPs and parties to join its government–thus creating the “green snakes.”]

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