Weekly News Magazines: Chor Under Fire, June, 2019

From Manager Weekly, June 15-21, 2019
Main cover reads: E ‘Chor’ orange guard

[Refers to the Future Forward Party’s spokeswoman Pannika ‘Chor’ Wanich who has been under fire due to her Facebook photos showing her allegedly making gestures at a portrait of Rama IX. Her actions and attitude toward the royal family caused concern from conservative groups that she and her party may be like China’s Red Guard. Thus, this cover shows her as part of the “Orange Guard”–orange being the color of the Future Forward Party. Placing ‘E’ before her name is an insult.]

Top: Disclose the mystery of “Pneumothorax” through a case of [pink] “Numtarn” The Star
[Refers to the unknown cause of an illness that led to the death of actress and singer from the TV program “The Star,” Butsaran ‘Numtarn’ Thongchio.]

Bottom left: “Mike Tyson” proudly presents [yellow] a premium “marijuana” business serving luxury resorts.
[Refers to former boxer Mike Tyson’s new marijuana business.]
Right: Beauty-smart “Best” Somrak’s daughter. Struggling YouTuber with an income more than hundred thousand.
[Refers to Rakwanee “Best” Khamsing, daughter of famous boxer Somrak. She become a YouTuber and thanks to her channel’s popularity she helped support her family come back from bankruptcy.]

From Lokwannee, June 14-21, 2019
Main cover reads: This Chor… is very stinky.

[This covers shows the junta-dominated new government portrayed as a dinosaur to represent its old-fashioned thinking and actions.
In Thai, “Chor” means “bouquet” as well as being the nickname of MP Pannika who has been accused of disrespect for her mourning outfit in parliament as well as for photos she posted on Facebook. On the bouquet is the symbol of the Future Forward Party.
This cover appears ridicules the government for its criticism of Future Forward Party leaders such as Pannika and treating the party as something undesirable. The cartoonist contends that the government itself is undesirable and a big mess–represented here by the droppings the dinosaur leaves.]

From Matichon Weekly, June 14-20, 2019
Main cover reads: Future is now.

[This refers to Future Forward Party MP Pannika’s recent controversial incidents such as her two-tone outfit during Prem’s mourning period and photos she had posted on her Facebook account.
One can see these things as accidental or minor incidents whipped up to create bad publicity, but another view is that it is a purposeful challenge being made over issues related to the future of society, such as the modern role of the royal family or the military’s influence in politics.
So the cover is saying that we do not need to wait for the future to address these issues because they are being brought to the forefront of society in the controversy facing Pannika as well as in the Future Forward Party itself.]

Top: “Promise” 2 terms. PM “Tu” 29th leader. Change his character to be more soft and less aggressive.
[Refers to PM Prayuth “Tu” Chan-ocha who extended his second term as the 29th Prime Minister. For his second term, PM Prayuth promises to change his very aggressive and combative style.]

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