Weekly News Magazines: Burning Future, August, 2019

From Lokwannee, August 9-16, 2019
Main cover reads: Don’t want to take it… Don’t want it like this.

[Refers to the opposition’s demand that the current constitution be scrapped. The headline means people do not want the fake democracy. The image shows military dinosaurs (meaning they are old-fashioned) propping up a cutout of Democracy Monument to symbolize democracy the military offers.]

From Matichon Weekly, August 9-15, 2019
Main cover reads: Master MY

[Refers to recent bombings in Bangkok. This cover plays with the word “Mastermind.” It implies that normally when the bombs go off, authorities have to investigate who is a mastermind. Instead of doing this, the military, led by army chief Gen. Apirat Kongsompong, quickly insited that the same anti-government group was behind it and it was meant to embarrass the government which was hosting ASEAN Foreign Ministers. So, “MY” in the title means that the immediate explanation for the bombs was simply Apirat’s personal musing about who was the mastermind.]
Top: Recite the oath of office-Important thing; ‘Prayuth-cabinet’ want to end [the controversy] 7 opposite parties don’t [want this controversy to subside] Keep an eye on ‘Wissanu’ who will make it over?
[Refers to PM Prayuth and his cabinet. Opposition parties have questioned whether he and his government violated the constitution by reciting an incomplete oath of office during the cabinet swearing-in ceremony last month. Deputy PM Wissanu, law adviser for the government, initially denied there was any issue. Later, after being pressured by the opposition, PM Prayuth apologized to the parliament and said that his government is trying to fix this problem. He also denied rumors that he was resigning.]

From Manager Weekly, August 10-16, 2019
Main cover reads: Burning Future: Hong Kong Model
[Refers to the unrest in Hong Kong due to fears its political status is being eroded by the central government in Beijing. Most of the protesters are young people openly calling for the democracy. The protest has increasingly become intense and violent after protesters occupied the airport and called on the U.S. for assistance.
This cover plays with the sound of “Burning Future” in Thai and the name of the Future Forward Party which sounds similar.
This cover illustrates the concern that the party may use the Hong Kong model to fight the PM Prayuth government and call for democracy.]
Top: Introduce Myanmar’s hottest model Paing Takhon; Upcoming Asian superstar
[Refers to Myanmar’s rising star model Paing Takhon who has become a sensation on social media recently for his good looks.]
Bottom left: Overture of “UK’s Premier league” 5 things to keep an eye on in this new season.
Right: Climbing up seemsdifficult. But climbing down is more risky!!! Explore the tough route of Thailand’s first woman who reached “7 Summits”!!
[Refers to Dr. Napassaporn ‘Eem’ Chumnarnsit who has recently become the first Thai woman to complete the world’s seven highest summits including Mount Everest.]

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