Weekly News Magazines: Bike for Love and Warmth, December, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, December 14-20, 2018

[Pictured is HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn who presided over the opening of “Un Ai Rak: Bike for Love and Warmth.” Accompanied by his daughters he rode through the capital with thousands of participants and spectators. Similar events were held simultaneously in other parts of the country.]

From Manager Weekly, December 15-21, 2018
Main cover reads: Un Ai Rak

[HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn presided over the opening of “Un Ai Rak: Bike for Love and Warmth.” The royal family wore Thai traditional dress. People are encouraged to wear Thai traditional dress to embrace the country’s heritage and nostalgia.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, December 14-20, 2018
Main cover reads: Release the ghosts!
On the cover, back row, left to right: Somsak Thepsuthin, Suriya Jungroongruangkit–former ministers during Thaksin and Yingluck administrations who have joined the pro-junta party Palang Pracharat Party to support PM Prayuth (top right)
Front, left from right: Sudarat Keyuraphan from the Pheu Thai Party, Abhisit Vejjajiva from the Democrat Party and Suthep Thaugsuban from the pro-junta party Ruamphalang Prachachartthai Party

[The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO, the junta) recently lifted restrictions on political activities.
This cover jokingly (or cynically) compares politicians to the hungry ghosts of Chinese folklore who haunt the land and steal karma from people.]

From Lokwannee, December 15-21, 2018
Main cover reads: Honest, Transparency, Fairness and Neutrality
On the ballot: Ballot [small] No mention about the names of the party and no symbol

[Initially it was announced that it would be unnecessary to include a candidate’s party or party symbol on the ballots for the upcoming election and that omitting that information would simplify printing.
Such an obvious attempt to confuse the voters was met with howls of protests from political parties.
The Election Commission (EC) finally agreed to include both the party name and party symbol on the ballot.]

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