Weekly News Magazines, April 28-May 1, 2015


From Matichon Weekly, April 24-30 2015
Main cover reads: Super Constitution # very ‘people’
In the bubble: ‘Kalamare’ Bathing ‘Bath-sauna-massage’ # very awesome.

[The main headlines refers to the proposed constitution created by the Constitution Drafting Committee. It claims to be written by focusing on people. However, concerns are being raised that is helps transfer power to the junta.
The person on the cover is a famous TV host Kalamare. She is columnist for Matichon and shares her experience at a Turkish bath and says she now understands why Thai men love to go to “lady massage.”]


From Nation Weekend, April 24 2015
Main headline: Khao Yai’s mystery
Man at the top right: ‘Kanok’ calls for a vote to help the Nation on ‘judgment day.’

[The main headline refers to famous new anchor Sorayut Sutasanajinda who is now facing scrutiny for an alleged land grab. Recently, the government has focused on those who allegedly acquired land in the national forest Khao Yai.
The “judgement day” headline refers to the Nation Multimedia Group’s annual meeting. The Nation Group is trying to stop the New Network Corporation from taking control of it. Allegations that the media takeover is similar to Thaksin’s attempt to take over critical media during his time a prime minister has led to a slew of legal cases being filed against Nation Multimedia management figures.]


From ASTV Manager Weekly, April 25-May 1, 2015
Main cover reads: Tharit Fin Sukoi [the man is former DSI chief Tharit Pengdith]
Bubbles (from left-right): Cheating, face [as in “face something”], money
Upper right corner: Comedian girl is crying. ‘Imim’ is broken hard and her business is broken up. [About the actress and comedian who has a broken heart and lost her business]
Bottom: “Bee Taechabol” who is brave to buy “AC Milan” [About the Thai businessman who has brought into the world famous football club AC Milan.]

[The main cover refers to former DSI chief Tharit Pengdith who is facing the freezing of his assets. He was alleged by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to have amassed unusual wealth. However, he denies the allegation. More on this here: The Downfall of Tharit the Chameleon
This cover mimics with the movie poster “Fin Sukoi.” Fin is teenager slang meaning “finale” while “sukoi” is a Japanese word meaning “very much.” The movie title means something like “feeling very happy.”
Here it shows that people are very happy that treacherous Tharit, who harassed so many people with politically motivated cases, is finally getting his comeuppance.]

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