Weekly News Magazines, April 25, 2014

Nation Weekend_25 April 2014

From Nation Weekend, April 25, 2014
Cover reads: ‘Rianthong’ loves the King
[Reference is to announcement by Maj. Gen. Dr. Rianthong Naenna, a retired military doctor and currently owner of the Mongkut Waattana Hospital, to fight against anti-monarchy groups. He set up a national “garbage sweeper” organization to counteract anti-monarchy activities online.]

Matichon Weekly_25 April 2014

From Matichon Weekly, April 25, 2014
Cover reads (shadow text from back to front): Judicial Activism; Judicial Sovereignty
[Reference is to upcoming judicial rulings on the government’s corruption cases and on caretaker PM Yingluck Shinawatra in particular. Government supporters reject court oversight of the government–particularly the ability of courts to effectively topple a government. They speculate that anti-government forces are expanding judicial activism, which has proved unable to root out Thaksin family control of government, to “judicial sovereignty” which would allow courts to unseat governments they disapprove of.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_26 April 2014

From ASTV Manager Weekly, April 26, 2014
Cover reads: Return of the Jedi
[On the cover is Mr. Vinai La-ongsuwan. More than two decades ago, he was well known as Phra Yantra Amaropikhu, a notable Buddhist monk. He was banished for contempt by His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch for having sexual relationships with women. He sought asylum in the U.S. for 20 years. He recently came back to Thailand after the statute of limitations expired on his offenses.]

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