Weekly News Magazines, April 19, 2013

Nation Weekend_19 April 2013

From Nation Weekend, April 19, 2013
Cover reads: ‘Ambassador Virachai’ mobilizing flesh and blood of the Thai race

[Reference is to the case on the Prear Vihear temple that Cambodia resubmitted a complaint to the World Court of Justice for re-interpretation. As leader of Thailand’s legal team, Virachai Plasai, the Thai ambassador to Hague, the Netherlands, and his team impressed the Thai people after their verbal statements made to the Court during April 15-19, 2013. Thailand’s arguments are based on four issues: 1). This new complaint made by Cambodia is not a request for re-interpretation; 2). Since the Court’s verdict on the case in 1962 up to the present time, Thailand and Cambodia have never had any conflict concerning the area around the temple; 3). The Thai legal team’s main point is that the case raised by Cambodia this time is the same case that the Court made in its judgement in 1962; and 4). The acclamation of proprietary rights over the area around the temple by Cambodia is irrelevant to the case regarding that the acclamation is raised after the temple was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which was solely submitted by Cambodia.]

Matichon Weekly_19 April 2013

From Matichon Weekly, April 19, 2013
Cover reads: Nong Nuay Raksa Loke, Rangs Jung Bei

[Reference is to a social network celebrity under an alias ‘@NoeyZupermarket’ who was first appeared on the twitter on December 11, 2012 with a picture of a junior high student who looks anything but trendy and fashionable. After stunning her followers with a slogan ‘Noey doesn’t eat vegetables because it’s like deforestation’, Nong Noey became unstoppably more popular on the digital world. Apart from being humorously sarcastic, her up-to-date content is a major element that make people keep following her. Lately before Songkran, there was a clip showing the real Nong Noey who admitted that the photo is hers, but she never uses the net and it is possible that someone found her picture, posted by her school teacher, and used it. This is like any of the comical twitter feeds that are so common in English.]

ASTVผู้จัดการสุดสัปดาห์_20 April 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, April 20, 2013
Cover reads: ‘Virachai’ Thailand; James Korn, a cockroach spy
[Reference is to the case of the Prear Vihear temple between Thailand and Cambodia, of which the verbal statements of both sides were made during April 15-19, 2013 to the World Court of Justice in Hague, the Netherlands. Leading Thailand’s legal team is Virachai Plasai, the Thai ambassador to Hague, one of the most knowledgeable Thai experts on the international law, particularly the bordering affairs between Thailand and its neighboring countries like Cambodia and Laos. According to this cover story, it is this knowledge of his that has caused his career a bumpy road under some governments. He was appointed by the Abhisit Vejjajiva government to be responsible for counteracting Cambodia on the Prear Vihear temple case in the World Court of Justice.]

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