Weekly News Magazines, April 18, 2014

Nation Weekend_18 April 2014

From Nation Weekend, April 18, 2014
Cover reads: The Autocrats
[Reference is to the latest movement by the Group of Statesman during Songkran Holidays. The group, led by Gen. Saiyud Koedphol, made a statement saying that it is time Gen. Prem Tinsulanon drafts a royal command aimed at solving the current political situation and presents it to HM the King for consideration with Gen. Prem himself as the endorser.]
Seated from left are Gen. Surayuth Julanont, privy councilor, Gen. Prem, chairman of the privy councilor and Statesman, Gen. Prayuth Chano-cha, Cimmander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army, Admiral Narong Pipattanasai, Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Navy, Air Chief Marshal Prachin Chantong, Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force, and Pol.Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew, Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Police

Matichon Weekly_18 April 2014

From Matichon Weekly, April 18, 2014
Cover reads: Don’t imagine; what I ‘close,’ you think about [to] ‘open’ it.
[These are the lyrics of a pop song. Reference is to various speculation on the roles of prominent public figures, especially Gen. Prem Tinsulanont and Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, concerning the resolution for the current political situation. With Thaksin out of options for preserving his family’s control of the government, those who oppose him appear to be moving to cement their victory over the Shinawatras.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_19 April 2014

From ASTV Manager Weekly, April 19, 2014
The man on the cover is Jessadaporn Poldee, main actor from a TV series, “Forget Me Not.”
The cover reads: Take a pillow and take a break from section 7
In the bubble: Forget me not; From left: Suthep Thuagsuban, secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee; Thaksin Shinawatra; Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army
[Reference is to the fight between the government and the anti-government to gain political advantage by using Section 7 of the constitution which would be used to appoint a government in a time of crisis. While waiting for the ultimate outcome, the magazine jokingly suggests watching a TV series named “Forget Me Not.”]

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