Weekly News Magazines, April 15-22, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, April 15-21, 2016
The main cover reads: Question [red] ‘following’ ‘impeding’ [yellow] referendum [This means the article is about the controversial question added to the draft referendum that follows the yes or no question on the charter, but also the question would essentially approve military control of the elected government. This might cause political blocks to decide to create resistance to the junta as the referendum threatens to end their plans for unencumbered governance.]
In the red box: NLA [National Legislative Assembly] vote 152:0, agrees that the Senate has the power to vote for the PM

[This refers to the draft constitution which will face a referendum in August. Some articles have been criticized for not being democratic, such ones providing the power to the appointed people to control the elected government.]

Top right: 10 years of coup d’état ‘secrets trickery and camouflage’ ‘Brother Bang’ teaches his younger brother that the ‘constitution’ must listen to every group.

[The man in the picture is Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratgling. Gen Sonthi, known as Big Bang, is the former Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army and head of the Council for National Security, a military junta that ruled the country after overthrowing Thaksin’s government in 2006. In this article, he gives his advice the current junta, to whom he is a senior officer with experience in coducting a coup d’état. He asks them to listen to the people’s voices on the draft constitution in order to create mutual acceptance rather than forcing them to accept it.]


From Nation Weekend, April 15, 2016
Main cover reads: Referendum fight; Vote Yes or No

[The book at left is the draft constitution. The title refers to the referendum on the draft charter to be held in August. The green color in the background refers to the military and the red refers to the Red Shirts.]

Top right: Military challenges [yellow] the power of democracy [white] Where are they [the Red Shirts] to escape from the hot summer?

[The man in the picture is PM Prayuth. He has warned the Red Shirts not to rally against the junta or the draft charter. The Red Shirts have been keeping silent on politics and offering little resistance. The headline means that the military is being more bold in challenging and hounding the Red Shirts.]


From Manager Weekly, April 16-22, 2016
Main cover reads: Transfer this life. Reform next life

[The man on the cover is PM Prayuth. This cover mocks the junta’s plan for reforming the country. According to the magazine, instead on concentrating on reform, they are concentrating on returning power to the people. It jokes that the transfer of power will be completed in this lifetime, but reform will have to wait for some future date. We are not sure why Prayuth is holding the garlic.]

Top: Roadmap helps [red] ‘Patcharawat;’ This kind of work is what [red] ‘Brother Pom’ wants.

[The men in the picture from left to right: Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan (nicknamed “Pom”) and former police chief Patcharawat Wongsuwan.
Refers to a plan of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to request the PM to use article 44 to allow the NACC to alone confirm a government employee’s wrongdoing and then pass the charges on to the superior of the person accused.
In the past, the NACC had to submit its cases to a prosecutor. This new plan is to help the NACC eliminate wrongdoing faster in conformity with the road map of the junta to get rid of corruption.
However, this plan might help Dep. PM Prawit’s younger brother Gen. Patcharawat who is now facing charges for using violence to disperse an anti-government rally in 2008.
If the NACC only conveys the results of the investigation to Gen. Patcharawat’s superior, there would be little transparency and virtually no chance that Gen. Patcharawat would be punished since he is the borther ti arugabley the most powerful person in the junta–Deputy PM Prawit.]

[There is no Lokwannee for this week due to long Songkran holidays.]

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