Weekly News Magazines, April 1-8, 2016


From Nation Weekend, April 1, 2016
Main cover reads: Tears of chili paste

[The woman on the cover is co-owner of Maepranom chili paste company Pranom Daengsupha.
This refers to a family business conflict between co-owner of the Maepranom chili paste company Pranom Daengsupha and her elder daughter. Pranom alleged her daughter cheated her out of the business and expelled her from the family. The conflict peacefully ended after a talk between her and her daughter conducted by PM’s Office Minister Panadda Diskul.]

Left: A heritage of [yellow] Meechai [white] Constitution version [yellow] ‘Phutthathat [white] Last writing?

[The man in the picture is Meechai Ruchuphan. This refers to the draft constitution written by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CD) headed by Meechai. He claimed that this draft focuses on providing the most benefits to people in accordance with Phuttathat Phikkhu’s teaching. Phuttathat Phikkhu is known as Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, a famous and influential monk. This draft has been criticised by some groups that it is not democratic and it is written to serve the military rather than focusing to returning the democracy to the country.]


From Matichon Weekly, April 1-7, 2016
Main cover (in front of the red X): Referendum done
Background: Draft constitution year….
Bottom right: Constitution Drafting Committee. The Secretariat of the House of Representatives

[This implies that the junta will do all it can to push the draft constitution to be approved. The green color of the lettering refers to the military.]

Top right: Course on attitude adjustment MINI ‘NCPO’ program for the ‘stubborn person’

[The man with a soldier is former member of the Pheu Thai Party Watana Muangsook. Refers to an incident which Watana was detained by soldiers for an “attitude adjustment” because he criticized the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) for detaining former Pheu Thai PM Worachai Hema after he criticized the draft constitution.]


From Lokwannee, April 2-8, 2016
Main cover reads: Be a funny man – Shouldn’t be emotionless

[This cover uses the Thai word ‘Khun’ which means both “funny” and a “bowl.” It also refers to PM Prayuth who behaves very aggressively, but also makes jokes during his TV program or when answering the media.
This, coupled with his rude and sometimes threatening bluster (which is not taken seriously in the Thai world, but seen as a symptom of the “big man” syndrome), has led to a somewhat derisive nickname for Prayuth as the “funny PM.” (Compare this to articles in the foreign media that, bereft of such Thai world perspective, interpret Prayuth’s unbecoming bluster as deadly serious and perhaps a sign of being unhinged.)
This cover tries to say that if PM Prayuth is a “funny PM,” he should “khun” (“fun”) and not be afraid of Thaksin’s “red bowls.”
The red bowls were distributed as yet another part of Thaksin initiative this year to remind the electorate that the Pheu Thai Party is synonymous with himself and his family and thus the reforms many of their supporters want.
Recently, soldiers seized a large supply of these red bowls from a former member of Pheu Thai Party which were going to be distributed during the Songkran festival.]


From Manager Weekly, April 2-8, 2016
Main cover reads: Behind a story of [blue] Mae Pranom’s [red] broken mortar

[The woman on the cover is Mae Pranom (“mae” meaning “mother” in Thai). Refers to a family conflict between the co-owner of the Maepranom chili paste company Pranom Daengsupha and her elder daughter. On the cover, the broken mortar refers to an implement used in making chili paste.]

Top: “Baitoey” sweetheart of “Pup Potato” Don’t leave it at the mid of the road.

[The couple is Baitoey and Pup, a singer from Potato (a band). This refers to the story about the Baitoey and Pup. This couple fell in love when Baitoey played Potato’s MV “Leave it in the mid of the road.” This song is about a woman who left her boyfriend because she is in love with a new one who is much better than her old boyfriend.]

Bottom: “Red bowl” [white] hurts a heart. The story of  [yellow] “absurd man” vs. “Paranoid Big”

[In the headline, “absurd man” refers to Thaksin who, for months now, has been attempting to harass the junta and demonstrate that he is still a political force.
“Paranoid Big” refers to the junta that has big powers and has been criticized for being paranoid for seizing Thaksin’s red bowls.]

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