Weekly News Magazines: A New Year, January, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, January 5-11, 2018
[The cover shows H.M. King Maha Vajiralongkorn or King Rama X who wished Thais happiness and health in the year of 2018. This is his first time as monarch to deliver a new year’s message to the people.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, January 5-11, 2018
Main cover reads: Look back and forth regarding Thailand
[The article shares comments from various political experts about the future of Thailand.]

From Manager Weekly, January 6-12, 2017
Main cover reads: Who said my supporters were gone
Men on the cover, left to right: Padermchai Sasomsub, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha, Deputy PM Chatchai Sarikulya, others are Padermchai’s siblings
[This photo of PM Prayuth playing golf with former Pheu Thai member Padermchai Sasomsub. Later, PM Prayuth and Padermchai denied the rumor that they were making a political deal to install a military party after the next elections.
This photo posted by former Pheu Thai Party Wattana Muangsuk. The posting raised the alarm among the Pheu Thai faithful that the junta was splitting the party so it could remain in power after the elections.
To those who oppose Thaksin and the Pheu Thai, it meant that the junta had had to align themselves with arch foe Pheu Thai political factions. This seems to demonstrate the hypocrisy the junta has come to symbolize as its cabinet is comprised of under-performing figures as well as those who are enduring corruption scandals.]
Top: Showing the big power in Nakhon Pathom [red] Bags ‘Phi Namphon’ [black] increase (collect) assets
[Refers to Luang Phi Namfon, who is an abbot at Wat Pailom in Nakhon Pathom. He launched a line of amulets shaped like luxurious Louis Vuitton bags called “increase and collect the assets” to improve people’s luck and fortune. Making such bold connections between Buddhism and the accumulation of wealth is increasingly a contentious issue in the wake of recent scandals over the wealth of temples and monks.]
Below left: Firing a pistol into the air showing respect to “King Taksin” [yellow] at “Khao Khun Phanom temple” [white] Not only “Sek Loso” but also “Somchai Wongsawat”
[Refers to an incident in which rock star Seksan “Sek Loso” Sukphimai fired a pistol into the air. He was allegedly found with methamphetamines when arrested.
The article reminds the reader that Sek Loso is not the first one who did such a thing. The author alleges that former PM Somchai Wongsuwan and his wife Yaowapa did this during a ceremony to show their respects to King Taksin.
The veiled reference here is to how the Red Shirt movement has used the similarity between the names of King Taksin (who established a new Siamese state after the fall of Ayutthaya) and Thaksin Shinawatra to allege a mystical connection between the two.]
Right: The day of ‘Suthichai Yoon’ [yellow] Lost [white] If it is not like this, it must be admitted
[Refers to former Nation Multimedia Group executive Suthichai Yoon who lost a court case to the News Network Corporation (NNC) over shareholder control of Nation Multimedia Group. The result of the case left NNC in control and Suthichai’s future at the Nation in question.
This headline mimics Suthichai’s famous quote about news reporting: “if it is not like this, then it is not the Nation.” But in the headline, it illustrates that that Suthichai may have to admit that he has lost control of the media empire he founded.]

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