Weekly News Magazines, 5 July, 2013

Nation Weekend, 10 July 2013

From Nation Weekend, July 5, 2013
Cover reads: Soul mate ‘Annsumalin’
[Reference is to Mr. Mitsuo Shibahashi or former Pra Ajarn Mitsuo Gavesko, a once famous Japanese monk who resided at the Wat Paa Sunanthawanaram temple in Kanchanburi Province for decades. He suddenly and unexpectedly left the monkhood on June 8. It was later found that he married a Thai businesswoman, Suttirat Muttamar, nicknamed ‘Ann’ not long after he left the monkhood. The couple said they knew they were soul mates since they first met at the temple.
‘Annsumalin’ is mockingly altered from a popular Thai novel of which the male main character is a Japanese military officer commissioned in Thailand during WWII while the female main character is a Thai girl whose name is ‘Angsumalin’.]

Matichon Weekly, 10 July 2013

From Matichon Weekly, July 5, 2013
Cover reads: 5th sense
[Reference is to the former Pra Ajarn Mitsuo Gavesko who is now married to a Thai businesswoman, Suttirat Muttamara. Their sudden and unexpected marriage stirred up outrage among the former famous monk’s followers in Thailand. The couple tried to calm down the scandal saying that they felt they are meant to be with each other, something like a 6th sense. But for most people, it’s just a normal 5th sense that conprises the drives ordinary people have–a desire of love and passion. So the headline alludes to this–they did it for regular love reasons.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_10 July 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, July 6, 2013
Cover reads: “Nen Kham” Causing Me [a real trouble after] giving a reward for real – a real jinx [Rai Jing is a short word of “Janrai Jing” – the real jinx]
On giant car key is a brand name of a consumer product, Twin Lotus.
[Reference is to Pra Ajarn Virapol Chattiko who is now under investigation by the Department of Special Investigation. According to the article, the monk became famous by using a professional team of PR people led by Dr. Sanong Waraurai. The monk, denying all charges, is now in France.]

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