Weekly News Magazines, June 4-12, 2015

nationweeken_5 june 2015

From Nation Weekend, June 5, 2015
Main cover reads:  The secret of Rohingya. Pinch the nails and the body’s hurt.
A man on a cover: Deputy Defense Minister Udomdej Sitabutr

[Refers to Thai proverb “pinch the nails and then the body’s hurt” meaning doing something that affects another. Recently, a senior Royal Thai military adviser, Lt Gen Manus Kongpan, was arrested for smuggling Rohingya migrants. This hurts the image of the military and the junta government.]

manager_6-12 june 2015

From Manager Weekly, June 6-12, 2015
Main cover reads: What’s the problem with striping his rank. Why don’t strip? [the photo is of Thaksin as a police cadet]

[Refers to a call for striping Thaksin’s political rank. Recently, the junta government revoked all Thaksin’s passports. However, once the call was made to strip his rank, it hit a wall of bureaucracy.]

Matichon 4-10 june 2015

From Matichon Weekly, 4-10 June 2015
Main cover reads: Transformer Democracy

[Refers to the junta government led by PM Prayuth who has promised to reform the country before bring it back to democracy. However, the draft constitution is suspected as being a tool for maintaining the prerogatives of the old powers and many think it may not be in compliance with the democratic standards.]

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