Weekly News Magazines, May 29-June 5, 2015

nation 29 May 2015

From Nation Weekend, May 29, 2015
Main cover reads:  No matter what, I still win.

[Refers to the latest action of the junta government against Thaksin. The junta government revoked all of Thaksin’s passports after he gave an interview to a Korean media and made a lot of comments deemed detrimental to the national security and country’s reputation relating to the monarchy. It also reflects the feeling that the military is firmly in control of the country now, and will be in the future under a new constitution.]

manager_30 May-5june 2015

From Manager Weekly 30 May-5 June 2015
Prayuth [referring to Thaksin]: “There are two things he can’t take over, military and the royal family. He wants to destroy. If those two were destroyed, the country will be taken over by someone whom everyone knows and I don’t to say his name.”
Thaksin: “The military only listens to the Privy Councilor, because when they didn’t want us, they asked the military for help. Then, I lost power. I told PM Poo [his sister Yingluck] that this [her situation] is like my case.”
The main cover reads [A white box]: Can we strip his rank now?

[This cover asks the junta government why they do not strip Thaksin’s police rank given Ge. Prayuth’s admission that Thaksin wants to the destroy the monarchy as well as Thaksin’s statements about the Privy Council ordering both the 2006 and 2014 coups.]


From Matichon Weekly, 29 May-4 June 2015
Main cover reads: Peed… Fly beyond Longka [peed is the sound of flying]

[The man on the cover is Borwornsak Uwanno. Refers to the Thai proverb “fly beyond Longka” which was recently mentioned by Deputy PM Visanu Krua-ngam. This proverb comes from the story of Ramakien or a Thai version of Indian Ramayana. It means doing something in an overacting way or beyond the normal.
He warned the Constitution Drafting Committee chaired by Borwornsak not to be too confident and show off their knowledge. The draft should be in accordance with the objectives or the reform of the country may not be accomplished.]

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