Weekly News Magazine, May 11, 2012

From Nation Weekly, May 11, 2012
The cover reads: Na Kham Muay – an unconventional Karen
Article summary: General Na Kha Muay is the top leader of the Yangon-allied Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA). He has been on the news for the last week because there is the ongoing war of words between the Deputy PM Chalerm and General Na Kham Muay concerning drug trafficking.
Mr. Chalaerm cited a court warrant issued for Na Kham Muay in 2003 and challenged him to stand trial in a Thai court to fight a narcotics indictment. However, Na Kham Muay had called on Chalerm to show proof that he had been producing and dealing in drugs. With such accusation, General Na Kham Muay comes under the question whether he is a great Karen warrior who want to fight for an independence or a drug dealer who become one of the most wanted person in Thai court.
The reason and timing for Chalerm’s public pronouncements on this issue are also in question.

From Matichon Weekend, May 11, 2012
The cover reads: Manageable ka!
Article summary: The opposition, Democratic Party, has raised the big question of “a higher cost of living that occurring all over Thailand” to the government. This question is surely important to the government because one of the policies which helped PM Yingluck to gain more votes during the last election was to increase peoples’ savings, not to reduce it. With a question from the Democratic party, it damages the face of Yingluck’s government because a higher cost of living is contradicting higher savings.
Subsequently, PM Yingluck has counterattacked by saying that normally in quarter 2 people will feel a higher cost of living because they have more spending while earning the same amount, for example there is a long holiday in April and some need to pay tuition fee for their children (in effect, they are saying prices are not rising, but people just feel like they are). Despite what the PM said, a higher cost of living has been felt by the people. So, PM Yingluck needs to run propaganda that the situation is and will be under control with her favorite phrase, “it is manageable”.

From Siamrath, May 11, 2012
The cover reads: Our beloved King – Concerned about his people
Article summary: Undoubtedly His Majesty the King is the most respected and revered by Thais. His Majesty has been involved in many social and economic development projects–one of the most well-known is a social-economic theory of self-sufficiency. He devotes himself to his people since he became the King and up until now. Even though he is in the hospital he still has shown a great concern to his people. Every time when he leaves the hospital to perform his royal duties, all Thais are happy and joyful to see his smiling face and a good health. Long Live the King.

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