Weekly News Magazine, January 11, 2013

Nation Weekend 11 Jan Dec 2013
From Nation Weekend, January 11, 2013
Cover reads: The cloud hides away the Moon.
[Reference is to “Nua Mek”, or “Above the Cloud,” a TV series on Channel 3 which was suddenly banned even though there are only three episodes left. Producers and main actors of the series, Chatchai and Sinjai Plengphanich, are both popular and well-respected in the show biz. Being asked how she felt about the incidence, Sinjai said she didn’t want to comment. However, she later posted on her Instragram saying that “It doesn’t matter what’s happened, it’s more important than what you think.” This hints at a return to a very Thakin-esque control of the media in service of his political control. Her statement is successful in stimulating more people to voice their opinions, specifically via the social media.
The man in the mask is a character from the series who tries to control the mind of the prime minister in the series to entice him to commit corruption.]

Matichon Weekly_11 Jan 2013
From Matichon Weekly, January 11, 2013
Cover reads: Lift the ‘cloud’ above the ‘cloud’
[‘Lift the cloud’ in Thai is literally ‘yok mek’. ‘Yok mek’ is a Thai idiom meaning to make something up. Reference is to the banning of a TV series called ‘Nua Mek’ (“Above the Cloud” meaning gaining a better position strategically). Since the theme involved corruption in politics, it is speculated that the order to ban the series came from the government. The article suggests that some critics, especially those who oppose the government, made up the reason for the ban, or ‘yok mek’]

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